TUDCA – When Should You Use It?

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The liver is one of the most important organs in your body aside from your heart. The main processes the liver is responsible for are filtering blood that comes from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of the body and detoxifying chemicals and metabolizing drugs. In certain circumstances, the liver needs extra support to carry out these processes efficiently, making supplementation of TUDCA a necessity.

There are many different scenarios that can lead to the need for TUDCA supplementation for increased liver support and functionality. Symptoms of liver disease or decreased liver function can include yellowing of the eyes, swelling of the abdomen or legs and nausea. If these symptoms occur the problem may require medical attention before TUDCA is used. Here are some of the circumstances in which supplementing with TUDCA can help alleviate liver stress.


TUDCA for Steroid Use

Without proper on-cycle treatment or post cycle therapy, steroid use can lead to long term damage to the liver as metabolites are formed. This happens as the steroids are metabolized in the liver, creating toxins as a by-product. For those in pursuit of the ultimate physique using steroids, having an effective liver support supplement like TUDCA is critical to maintaining normal liver function and avoiding potential damages.


TUDCA for Prohormone Use

While prohormones may not provide the same level of muscle building support that steroids can, they still have the potential to cause damage as they are metabolized in the liver. For this reason, it is just as important to use TUDCA for optimal liver function while on-cycle and following a prohormone cycle. Failure to follow proper post cycle therapy can have detrimental effects on hormone levels as well as liver functions.


TUDCA for Everyday Liver Support

Modern lifestyles, including alcohol use, can have a severe impact on proper liver function. In fact, at least 1 in 10 Americans have some form of liver disease according to the American Liver Foundation. While TUDCA may not help with liver diseases such as Hepatitis C, there are many benefits that can be achieved by utilizing it daily for optimal liver support to flush toxins that may contribute to further damage.


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