The Beginner’s Guide to Prohormones

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Here at Muscle Research, we get asked a lot of questions about prohormone supplementation and how they work. To make it simple we are creating this blog as a basic guide to what prohormones are and how they can help you build real strength.

What Are Prohormones?

After mass steroids were banned across the world, many bodybuilders began turning to prohormone supplement to increase their overall size and strength. Quality prohormone supplements are an excellent alternative to anabolic steroids.

Prohormones are often a middle ground between testosterone boosters and anabolic steroids. Prohormones are composed of chemicals that are precursors to testosterone that the body metabolizes and converts to testosterone. Anabolic steroids contain synthetic forms of testosterone but are like prohormones in several ways.


Similarities to Anabolic Steroids

Chemically, prohormones are similar to anabolic steroids and can provide many of the same benefits. The molecular structure of prohormones is closely related to testosterone and are not an estrogen, corticosteroid or progestin. Because the pharmacology of prohormones and testosterone are related, the benefits are still achieved.


Benefits of Prohormones

One of the biggest benefits of supplementing with prohormones is the increase in overall strength and size that can be achieved. For instance, if you have reached a plateau in your training, prohormones will likely aid in faster recovery and allow you to intensify your workout, leading to greater gains. Prohormones are also easily dissolved, leading to easy absorption by the body.


On Cycle Support

Because prohormones are processed by the liver, it is important to have some sort of liver support regimen during a cycle. There are many different liver support compounds available, but we would recommend TUDCA or a stack with it included. Don’t neglect on cycle support; it is important in removing toxins in the body during your prohormone cycle.


Post Cycle Treatments

A post cycle therapy is essential in helping control estrogen levels, re-regulate hormone levels and avoid potential side effects. The main goal of a post cycle therapy is to help ensure your body is returned to normal and not in a prolonged unregulated hormonal state while retaining any gains made during the cycle.


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