How to Improve Your Sleep

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A good night’s rest is probably the best way to recover. Nothing gets rid of the day’s stress (mental and physical) like a good, quality night’s sleep. It’s not always that easy to get proper sleep though. Here are some tips on how to improve your sleep.

Your body needs anywhere from 7-10 hours of sleep every single day. I mean good, restful sleep. If you’re waking up in between sleep periods or have a lot of light and noise, then you can sleep for 24 hours and still not feel well rested. It’s hard in this modern world to get quality sleep, there’s just so many distractions around us but it’s time we fix that because our health literally depends on it.

Turn off the lights

The human body is naturally tuned to fall asleep when the sun is down and to wake up when the sun comes up. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your room is really dark before you go to sleep. Even the smallest sources of light can have an impact on your sleep quality so make sure that there’s no secondary sources of light around either, such as chargers, cellphones, etc. If you must have some light, make sure it is a really dim nightlight.

Eat simple carbs

Have you ever eaten a bowl of rice and then gotten so sleepy afterwards that you just have to take nap? This is because a meal high in simple carbohydrates causes a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar. You really don’t want this in the day but at night it can be a great tool for helping you fall asleep faster. Eating simple carbs, rather than complex carbs, also ensures that your body is not busy digesting all that fiber when it should be focused on recovery.

Maintain the right temperature

Ever wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, or transversely with a cold shiver? Maintaining the right temperature can ensure a full, uninterrupted deep sleep and although the ‘right’ temperature is different for everyone, research claims that around 65F is comfortable for most people. It’s important to be comfortable in bed!

Have a natural sleep-aid supplement

If you’re having problems sleeping, don’t just go for the sleep medication. These days there are a number of natural and herbal supplements that can help you unwind at night and ensure that deep healing sleep that you require on a daily basis so that you don’t have to opt for dangerous drugs that can really mess up your system. Look for ingredients such as: Melatonin, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), Lemon Balm and Valerian Root extract. has an excellent selection of sleep-aids with all of the above ingredients (and more) in the perfect dosages. Do not consume more than 5mg of Melatonin in a day as it can have detrimental effects on your sleep quality. Vivid dreams can also be a side effect of Melatonin so don’t freak out.

I hope that these tips help to improve your sleep!


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