TUDCA for Liver Support

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If you have taken oral steroids or prohormones you likely know the importance of providing the body adequate liver support. This is because these muscle enhancing supplements, and others, are metabolized by the liver, causing strain or damage if not properly supported. For this reason, serious bodybuilders and those in pursuit of the perfect physique trust TUDCA for their liver support.

The history of TUDCA spans many centuries and can generally be traced back to ancient Asian medicine practices. In this period, it was utilized to heal organ damage or other organ sicknesses. Often the TUDCA utilized in ancient medicine had to be extracted from animal sources, typically bears, to provide large quantities to heal afflicted individuals.

While TUDCA has been shown to provide support for a wide range of diseases and organ conditions, we are going to primarily focus on the support it provides during and after a steroid or prohormone cycle. However, anyone interested in supporting their liver can benefit from TUDCA supplementation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using TUDCA for liver support.


Liver Support During Steroid and Prohormone Use

Any individual that is using steroids or prohormones for muscle enhancement needs to focus on liver support. It is not uncommon for even moderate steroid use to have serious impacts on the liver because of the metabolites that are created can rapidly cause cell damage and result in lasting effects. Steroid use can also lead to bile flow inhibition and can decrease bile production resulting in cholestasis.

To remove these toxins a proper on-cycle support and post cycle therapy are key. While this will often include products like testosterone boosters and hormone regulators, it is important to also provide liver support to flush out any toxins that may be left in the organ. TUDCA is superior for this because it can help increase bile flow and bile production to cleanse the liver of these existing toxins.


What TUDCA Products Are Available?

Many serious bodybuilders have already added TUDCA to their supplement regimen to ensure optimal performance and liver functionality. Some brands, like Premium Powders TUDCA, provide a single serving in an easy to swallow veggie capsule for easier supplementation. Whether you need on-cycle support, post cycle therapy support or just want to invest in your liver health, the benefits of TUDCA can’t be beaten.


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