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Are you busting your ass day in and day out at the gym counting your calories religiously and still not seeing the results quick enough? We’ve all been there and working so hard just to get so little in return can be quite demotivating. First off, you need to realize that healthy fat loss means losing a maximum of 4lbs a week, anymore and you risk losing muscle. However, if you feel that your fat loss has come to a halt, try the following:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you haven’t tried HIIT time, now is the time. This type of cardio is short and intense and a great way to really fire up your metabolism. All you need is 15-20 minutes a day. To perform a HIIT workout, just pick your favorite type of cardio and go as intense as you can go for 30-60 seconds and then slow down to a walking pace (recovery) for another 60 seconds. Repeat until you have completed 20 minutes. HIIT really gets your heart racing and as a bonus, it burns calories even after you have completed your workout (after burn).

Add Some Heat to Your Meals

Spicy foods are known to give your metabolism a slight boost. They also help you to eat less by suppressing your appetite and ensuring that you eat slowly. So next time you are prepping your meals, add some cayenne pepper to your dry rubs, some hot sauce on top of your eggs and some jalapeños in your salad. Feel the burn!

Avoid Foods You Are Allergic To

This is a bit tricky because sometimes you might not even realize you are allergic to something but the food can be causing damage internally. The best way to figure out any food allergies is to take an expensive blood test, the next best, eliminate foods one by one and see if you feel better. If you are allergic to certain foods, your body tries to combat this by increasing inflammation, inflammation in the intestines means that your body is not processing nutrients as efficiently as it should be and this ends with you being malnourished and storing food as fat instead of using it for energy.

Replace Carbs with Protein

Although most carbs are not bad for you, replacing those carb calories with protein calories for a short period of time can really accelerate your fat loss. Protein burns more calories than carbs during digestion and therefore, it’s good to have more of protein than carbs when fat loss is your goal. Not to mention carbs can cause bloating and water retention which can give you a softer, rounder appearance.


Supplements such as raspberry ketones, caffeine and some other fat burners can give you that little boost that you need to accelerate your fat burning. They can raise your metabolism and suppress your appetite so that you burn more while eating less.


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