The Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

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I know a lot of people will be glad to read this article. Who doesn’t love a good pour of maple syrup on some protein pancakes? Maybe waffles are more your thing? Heck, you can even pour it on to oatmeal, chicken and just about anything.

The key here is to make sure that you use real 100% maple syrup, not the garbage ‘maple flavored’ syrup that most stores sell. That is nothing but sugar, high fructose corn syrup and maple flavorings, just avoid that stuff. Get the real thing and enjoy its benefits, in moderation, of course, it is still high in calories.


You’d be glad to know that maple syrup is chock full of antioxidants, you know, all that good stuff that helps your body fight those pesky free radicals that accelerate your chances of cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants also help to reduce the effects of aging and help to keep you looking younger and healthier.

Fights inflammation

The same antioxidants that help keep you looking young also help to fight inflammation within the body. Maple syrup helps fight heart diseases as well as inflammatory bowel diseases such as IBS by lowering the overall amount of inflammation in the body.

Improves testosterone production

Oh,yea. Maple syrup contains the mineral, Zinc. This mineral plays an important role in the production of testosterone and also helps the body fight against prostate cancer. Zinc is an essential mineral, especially for men. So, go ahead, pour that syrup, it’s good for your manhood!

Better alternative to sugar and sweeteners

Maple syrup is much more nutritious and better for the digestive system when compared to refined sugars and sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and Splenda. Maple syrup can be added to anything that needs sweetening such as sauces, shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, etc.


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