Advantages of Beef Protein Powder

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Although beef protein powders are just starting to gain popularity, the benefits of beef protein for bodybuilders have been known for a long time. Many of the bodybuilders of the past used to consume beef liver and beef liver tablets to increase their muscle mass and recovery. However, not all of us these days see beef liver as something palatable.

We all love a good steak, if I could afford it (financially and calorically), I would eat steak every day and every night but since I can’t, I prefer to use beef protein powder.


Well for one, I’m lactose intolerant so whey and casein wreak havoc on my stomach. Maybe they do to yours too. If you feel really bloated, nauseous and gassy after having your shake, you might be lactose intolerant (or having low quality protein powder). Beef, obviously, has no lactose in it, therefore it goes down easy (and stays down!) and does not cause any stomach discomfort.

It has all the benefits of beef, without the fat and cholesterol. Now don’t get me wrong, fat and cholesterol from a nice grass-fed steak is GREAT for you! It helps regulate your hormones in your favor and keeps your heart and lipids healthy but, as with everything, it needs to be in moderation. Overdoing it, WILL have a negative impact on your cardiovascular health, therefore, it just doesn’t make sense to eat beef multiple times a day, every day.

It has no (or less) sugar, fat and lactose than compared to whey, allowing for better absorption. Better absorption means that there is more protein readily available to be used by your body for recovery.

No weird after taste. This, of course, assuming that you are using a high quality powder. To me, whey always has this cheesy (it IS made from cheese after all) after taste that makes me feel disgusted. Beef protein doesn’t seem to have that.


Beef protein, has been a great revelation for me. I had to spend extra money on whey isolates because they were the only ones that my stomach could digest. Its great if you are lactose intolerant, and the prices are not that much different from regular whey proteins.

However, there are a few things that you should be careful of. A lot of companies add cheap collagen as their main source of protein, this is useless garbage! Read the labels first and if it has either collagen or gelatin in it, put it back! Its cheap filler protein and your body won’t be using it efficiently. Also, many companies add Creatine in their protein powders, I don’t mind it as it saves me money on buying extra Creatine, however, your goals might be different so just be careful of that. Read the label!

We have found Raptor HP Hydrolized Beef Peptide Isolate is an excellent beef protein powder.

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