3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

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Summer is the season of ripped bodies and popping veins and you’ve been trying your hardest. You’re eating bland and boring chicken breasts with broccoli and lifting heavy every single day but you’re still not losing fat. Maybe the world hates you, maybe you’re just never meant to be happy, or, maybe, just maybe, you’re making a few of these mistakes.

Not Counting Calories

No matter howhealthy you eat, if you’re eating more than you burn. You’re going to store fat. There’s just no other way around it. Your body has excess fuel and does not know what to do with it, so it just stores it for later use.

Now, people will probably hate me for saying this, but you can lose weight eating nothing but potatoes and fried chicken, as long as you’re eating within your calorie limits. I’m not saying the type of food doesn’t matter, you will certainly feel better and perform better on a healthy diet, but if you’re over-eating, then you’re storing fat. Burn more calories than you eat and you will start to see the fat melt right off. It’s easy these days to count your calories, get a smartphone app and just enter everything you eat into it.

You’re Lazy

Sure, you go all-out, balls to the walls, ass to grass, every day in the gym, for one hour. What are you doing the rest of the day? Are you just lying down on the couch binge watching TV shows? You need to be active throughout the day and I don’t mean you should be running around going crazy, just don’t lay down all day doing nothing. Go for a walk, play a sport, talk to your neighbors, do something, anything. Just don’t be lazy.

Not Sleeping Enough

This is a big one. If you’re not sleeping enough, you’re not recovering well. Your digestive system is not getting a proper break, your body is not producing enough growth hormone as it should, your cortisol levels are rising, you are stressing the hell out. Your body needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep every single day to heal itself.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is not processing nutrients well, it is not recovering from your daily stresses and burning fat will be the last thing that it would want to do. It would store everything you eat as fat because it thinks that you are going through times of stress and would need that energy for later.

Get at least 8 hours and feel the difference. I hope these tips help you in your journey of losing fat.


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