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Sales of low-fat products are through the roof. You’ve been brought up with the fear that eating fat will make you fat, fat phobia they call it, yet, obesity is at an all-time high. I mean it makes sense right? After all, it is called fat. Nope! In fact, eating fat is really good for you. The right kind of fat, that is. Eat more fat!

Eating deep-fried foods with a bunch of trans fats will definitely take you to the grave much sooner, but eating the right kind of healthy fats will definitely take you to the opposite direction.

Eating healthy fats like those found in nuts, grass-fed beef, wild fish and olive oil have been found to have tremendous health benefits, not just in terms of physique, but internally as well. Like:

Fat is necessary for optimal brain function

The grey stuff in that head of yours is made up of more than 50% fat, therefore, eating enough fat ensures that your brain has plenty of it to regenerate its cells. That’s not the only reason though. Your brain needs certain vitamins such as A, D and E to perform a number of daily functions and guess what? These vitamins require fat to be properly digested and then transported throughout the body.

Fat is essential for heart health

I know, this probably goes against everything that you have heard regarding fat but its true. Your body desperately needs healthy fats like Omega 3s and certain saturated fats like those found in coconut oil and beef to support the heart. Remember, our ancestors diet consisted mainly of proteins and fats from things like whole milk, butter and animal fat.

Eating fat increases testosterone production

You probably don’t need a reason bigger than this. Various studies have shown that high-fat diets, lead to higher testosterone in men. So make sure to include plenty of good healthy fats in your diet. Enjoy that steak!

Fat is satiating

Eating fat is actually known to keep you feeling full for much longer than eating carbs. This is because fats take a much longer time to digest than carbohydrates and this slow digestion ensures that you are left feeling full for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, make sure that your diet contains a good amount of fat so that you are not left feeling hungry all the time.

With these helpful tips – Eat more fat people!


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