Arachidonic acid

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Arachidonic acid is an essential, omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid that is required by the body for the proper functioning of the brain, liver and other organs. It can be produced in the body by consuming significant amounts of linoleic acid, however, that becomes quite inconvenient, especially when limiting fat intake.

Recent studies have shown that Arachidonic acid appears to help increase muscle mass and improve recovery as it increases the rate of protein synthesis in the body, especially post-workout. Arachidonic acid converts in to PGF2alpha and PGE2 post-workout and this helps to repair muscle tissue.

One study found that a daily dose of 1,500mg for 8 weeks resulted in increased lean body mass and increased strength. A different study found that 1,000mg daily for 50 days improved anaerobic performance in active individuals.

Benefits of using Arachidonic acid

      • Increases muscle mass
      • Increases strength
      • May assist with fat loss
      • Helps preserve muscle during a calorie deficit
      • May improve insulin sensitivity

Side effects

Arachidonic acid is safe to consume for active individuals, however, if you have cardiovascular issues or heart problems, you should avoid using arachidonic acid.

You may experience some lethargy and increased muscle soreness, this is normal and just one of the ways that arachidonic acid works. It induces inflammation to promote faster recovery and increased skeletal muscle tissue.

Since it is an omega-6 fatty acid, it is recommended that you take it alongside omega-3s, to avoid excess inflammation (some inflammation post-workout is good for you)


Arachidonic can be safely consumed for up to 8 weeks at a daily dose of a 1,000mg (1g). This can be split in to 2-4 daily doses. 500mg pre-workout is recommended for optimal results.


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