Eat whatever you want and still lose fat

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Now that it’s time for winter, most of us will be starting our bulking season. Some of us, however, may still have some fat to lose. It doesn’t help that it’s the holiday season, good food is all around us and for those of us who live with our families, it’s even harder!

This might be a little controversial for some, but, you CAN eat whatever you want and still lose fat. Now, obviously there will be some sacrifices, you just cannot eat junk non-stop, every single day and expect to lose fat (unless you have a godly metabolism). It’s not just about fat either, your health will suffer and your digestive, immune and cardiovascular system will all take a hit.

Here’s one way that you can enjoy all your favorite foods while still losing fat and staying healthy, and that is:

Diet every other day

Sounds simple enough but it can be quite challenging at first. I, personally believe that, your WEEKLY calorie count is more important than your daily one. There’s a wide variety of other diets that seem to agree with me, such as calorie cycling. Basically, you eat more on some days and less on others. In this case, every other day.

So let’s say that your daily calorie intake for losing fat is 2,000 calories. This adds up to 14,000 calories weekly (2,000×7). Now you can split this any way you want but just to make things easier and develop a sort of a routine, you split it in to high and low days with one medium day. So you can structure it like this:

Daily Calorie Intake

Monday – 1,000 calories

Tuesday – 3,000 calories

Wednesday – 1,000 calories

Thursday – 3,000 calories

Friday – 1,000 calories

Saturday – 2,000 calories

Sunday – 3,000 calories

On your low days, pick foods that are low in calories but high in protein and fiber so that you can maintain your muscle mass as well as stay full and satisfied. Pick foods such as chicken breasts, oatmeal, eggs, and vegetables in small amounts, fruits.

Of, course this isn’t a fixed structure and the best part about it, is that you can structure it any way that you like. If you prefer to feast on the weekends, you can eat a little less throughout the week and then make up for it on the weekends. You can even make it so that you eat more on the days that you train and less on the days that you don’t. This way of eating is quite stress free and allows you to have a life other than the gym and the kitchen.

You could also consider taking a good fat burning supplement, such as, Keto Burn, to help give your metabolism a boost and also to curb your appetite so that you burn more fat while being less hungry.


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