The Benefits of Pistachios

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Pistachios! Who doesn’t love snacking on some nuts between meals or even before bed-time. They’re a great way to satisfy cravings and get some vital nutrients all the while keeping in your daily calorie limit. You can have them plain, roasted, salted, whatever you like. I’ve previously covered why you should be eating your pumpkin seeds, today we’re going to look at the little pistachio nut. A favorite in many exotic dishes, salads and even ice cream (tsk tsk).


Pistachios contain a whole number of essential minerals such as manganese, potassium, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Grab a handful and enjoy!


Minerals aren’t the only thing these nuts are full of. Pistachios are also an excellent natural source of vitamins such as vitamin E and the B-Complex group, including niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folates and vitamin B-6. These are essential for those who live an active lifestyle and even more important if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

Satisfy hunger

At only 160 calories per ounce, pistachios are lower in calories than a lot of other seeds and nuts but they pack quite the nutritional punch. An ounce contains 3 grams of hunger satisfying fiber and 6 grams of that precious protein! Add them into a salad while cutting to boost your protein content while keeping the low.

Heart healthy fats

Pistachios are high in fat but fear not, these are the good, mono-unsaturated fats that help the body regulate cholesterol levels by keeping the bad (LDL) cholesterol down and even increase the good (HDL) cholesterol. This ensures a healthy heart, prevents clogged arteries and improves blood flow.


Vitamin-E isn’t the only antioxidant present in these tiny little nuts. Pistachios also contain a significant amount of lutein, beta-carotene and phytosterols. We all know the benefits of a diet rich in antioxidants, it helps fight the cell-damaging free radicals and helps to fight the physical symptoms of ageing, along with a number of other benefits.

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