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If I have one weakness, its coffee. I love coffee and no I’m not talking about the burnt sugary crap you get at Starbucks or any other commercial coffee shop. I’m talking medium roasted single origin coffee, no cream no sugar! That’s the best way to enjoy coffee in my opinion! There are however, ways to make your cup healthier!

First of all, you HAVE to get rid of the cream and sugar! They are nothing but junk and should be saved for your cheat days. They can turn a normal 0 calorie cup of plain coffee in to a nightmare of around 400-600 calories! Just for a drink!

Add some healthy fat – You might have heard of bulletproof coffee. This is where you add a tablespoon of grass-fed butter or coconut oil to replace the cream in your coffee. This adds some healthy metabolism boosting fats to your body and gives you the creamy texture that you have gotten so used to over the years.

Cold-brew – This is my favorite method of brewing coffee. If you feel too acidic after drinking coffee this is the best way to enjoy yours. It has all the good sweet flavor of coffee without all the burnt, dark acidic notes. Its shown to contain 67% less acid than a conventional brew. To make cold brew, all you have to do is combine ground coffee with some cold, filtered water. Let this rest for anywhere from 12-18 hours and then filter. Use 340grams of coffee and 1600ml of water to make a coffee concentrate. Enjoy on its own over ice or dilute with some hot/cold water or milk.

Add Protein – If you’re a fan of the ice blended mochas here’s the perfect way to make a healthy version. Combine a shot of espresso or 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, a scoop of whey protein and milk of your choice. Blend with ice until you reach your desired consistency. This would come up to only about 200 calories (depending on your milk and protein) and around 24 grams of protein! Great as a pre-workout drink!

Choose organic – Coffee plants are one of the highest sprayed (pesticide) crops in the world! Combine this with the fact that it is also one of the most popular drinks in the world and the picture being painted here isn’t too pretty. Go for coffee that has been certified organic to prevent all the toxic pesticide buildup in your body.

Add spices – Adding spices such as cinnamon can add a kick to your coffee. Cinnamon is known to boost metabolism and improve your blood sugar levels.

Add dark chocolate – This is a great one for a cold winter day. Take 2 square of dark chocolate (70%+ cocoa), put them in your mug and pour your hot coffee over it. The result will be a smooth, creamy and chocolatey drink. A hot mocha if you will. Dark chocolate has a whole bunch of healthy fats and antioxidants that combined with the metabolism boosting effects of caffeine will supercharge your drink.

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