Recognizing the Signs of Ketosis

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While on Keto or a low-carb diet, the body will undergo a biological adaptation to help supply energy to your brain. This process, called ketosis, plays a vital role in the increased breakdown of fat and reduction of insulin in the body. These common signs can help identify on-going ketosis for weight loss. Recognizing the signs of ketosis.

Unpleasant Breath

One of the most common, and easily identified, signs the body has reached full ketosis is a dramatic change in the smell of your breath. This scent is often described as unpleasant and can require increased teeth brushing or sugar-free gum to cover. The reason this happens is the released of acetone by the body, this ketone exits the body through both breath and urine.

Decreased Appetite

For some individuals that are in ketosis, a significant reduction in appetite may arise. This is most often attributed to the increased intake of protein that can help you feel fuller longer. During a keto or low-carb diet, you may also be increasing your fiber intake through vegetables or other sources, ultimately leading to a prolonged feeling of satisfaction and less hunger.

Increased Weight Loss

The primary goal of a keto or low-carb diet is to facilitate the loss of fat. For this reason, it’s no surprise that one of the easiest signs to recognize if the body is in ketosis is weight loss. When initially starting the diet, many individuals will experience a dramatic loss in weight. However, this is often attributed to the shedding of water weight and reserve carbohydrates. Though weight loss will slow after this initial drop, sustained ketosis will continue to shed fat.


Many individuals that engage in a low-carb or keto diet plan will experience a sick feeling as the body adjusts to the new diet. Referred to as keto-flu, it can cause tiredness and an overall unwell feeling in the first week. After the body adjusts, these feelings will subside and you will experience more focus and energy than you had before starting the diet.

Recognizing the signs of ketosis is essential to staying on track.


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