How to Force Muscle Growth

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Muscles are designed to respond to external stimulus that cause it to adapt and grow. Without valid reinforcement, there is no reason muscle should grow. Following certain proven muscle building techniques, effective muscle growth can be achieved.

Volume Increase

Arguably the most important aspect of forcing muscle growth is the increase of completing more sets and gradually lifting more weight than normal. With an increase in both metrics, the muscle will receive more stimulation and hypertrophy will be more likely to occur. This can usually be achieved by adding another set to your current workout or increasing the weight in slight increments.

Increase Frequency

By training more often, the muscles will receive more stimulation than they previously had. For example, overloading a muscle group by doubling up training for the week can effectively persuade muscle to grow. In general, removing an unnecessary rest day can successfully build muscle mass faster.

Build Resistance

Resistance can easily be built up to help promote muscle growth. Increasing your weight amounts weekly will not only promote muscle growth but build up strength levels in the process. By consistently adding weight to your lifts weekly reaching target weight levels is more easily achievable.

Decrease Rest Times

Completing the same amount of work that you previously had during a shorter period will mean muscles are being worked more strenuously. This process is known as “density training” and requires the trainee to rest less between sets. This process is only effective when weight amounts are not sacrificed.


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