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With Christmas rapidly approaching, the pressure to complete your gift shopping and maintain your daily work and exercise requirements can get a little overwhelming. While many will turn to energy drinks, the ingredients found in many of these products can quickly derail your nutritional goals or lead to a severe energy crash. Fortunately, MR Supps has the products you need to maintain your energy levels this holiday season.

Atomic Tabs

If you are looking for a steady flow of clean energy, you will love Atomic Tabs! Each tablet is formulated to provide up to 6 hours of steady energy without the jitters, nervousness or other common side effects experienced with energy drinks. This means that you won’t have to worry about the dreaded crash that often accompanies these products.

Each easy-to-carry tube of Atomic Tabs contains 6 single serve tablets, that can easily be carried in your pocket for whenever you need them. These tablets are formulated to be stored anywhere without melting or breaking. At just $1 per serving, you will love the energy and taste of Atomic Tabs!


E Chews

E Chews are an innovative, new product that contains a high-octane energy blend of 3 unique forms of caffeine, two potent mood-enhancing catalysts, and high amounts of energy producing B vitamins. Utilizing xylitol, these great tasting chews have zero sugar and just 10 calories per serving. Each tube contains 3 servings, which is equal to around 3 energy shots each providing up to 6 hours of intense focus, energy and alertness.

To provide extended energy, E Chews utilize Encapfeine™. Through the manufacturing process, caffeine molecules are carefully wrapped into “micro-beads” then layered to provide a steady stream of energy over an extended period. The net effect is up to 6 hours of continuous energy without the dreaded caffeine crash.


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