Three Ways to Cut

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Cutting season is upon us and we have some ways to cut. Whether you’ve started your cutting regimen or are still in the planning stages, we know your dream beach body for summer has been on your mind. It’s important before you start cutting to set a tangible goal and then build a cutting plan around it. And we can’t stress enough how important it is to set realistic goals. So often, people set lofty goals for themselves with no roadmap and are baffled when they aren’t achieving their dreams overnight. Dreaming big is good but make sure you have a plan of action to follow through with it every step of the way. If not, you could get discouraged quickly and give up on yourself before you’ve even had a chance to begin transforming your body. So here are some guidelines about exercises, supplements and healthy eating to help you craft your ultimate cutting plan.


The exercises that burn the most body fat depend on how much body fat you have. If your body fat percentage is in the low teens, 20 minutes of high intensity interval training will be effective. Heavy lifting exercises like deadlifts and squats will also be highly effective as they engage they most muscle groups and burn the most calories. For those with a high percentage of body fat who are overweight, almost any calorie burning exercise will work. You could try biking, swimming, jogging or weight lifting. For those in the single digits, you’ll have to plan your workouts more carefully. HIIT will also be effective, but make sure to kick it up a notch and vary your routine from day to day and week to week. If you settle into the same training routine for too long, your body adapts to it and it will become less effective. Remember if you already have a low body fat percentage, cutting those last few pounds of body fat will be increasingly more difficult. Make sure you accommodate extra time for that in your cutting schedule.


There are tons of great supps on the market that can help you cut. But they should always be used as part of a balanced regimen of diet, exercise and supplementation. Replacing diet or exercise or both with excessive supplements is dangerous. Supplements don’t produce results on their own. They enhance what you’re already doing. That’s why they’re called supplements, bro. They SUPPLEMENT your ongoing routine. With that being said, we do have some recommendations of supps that can help you cut. Premium Powders Garcinia Cambogia is one of the absolute best out there. Being one of the highest quality products on the market, it will help you to lose weight, naturally suppress your appetite and block the signals that tell your body to store excess fat. It also balances your cortisol levels and helps improve sleep cycles and your mood, to keep you from stress eating. Another one of our favorite and most highly recommended products is Hydroxy Elite. If you’re looking for the next Oxy Elite Pro, this is it! Hydroxy Elite inhibits fat storage and suppresses appetite and has proven itself to be the best fat burner on the market. Another product we think everyone serious about cutting should consider is Muscle Research Whey Protein Isolate. Unlike Whey Isolates from other manufactures, which add amino acids to their products in place of real protein, Muscle Research Whey Protein Isolate is guaranteed free of amino spiking. That means you’ll get the purest Whey Protein Isolate on the market which will help preserve lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

Eating habits

You’re probably tired of having people tell you “abs are made in the kitchen,” but it’s true, so we’re going to say it anyway. Abs are made in the kitchen. That’s why proper eating habits are such an essential party of any successful cutting regimen. While crash dieting may seem like an easy and effective way to lose body fat, it is extremely unhealthy, can ruin your metabolism and cause you to lose muscle. You will want to cut your caloric intake when cutting, but never by more than 500 calories per day if you’re a big bodybuilder. If you’re a smaller guy, or gal, cut out 200-300 calories. It’s extremely important to keep track of everything you consume; it’s easy to eat a few hundred extra calories in a day if you’re not watching your calorie intake. Enter meal prepping. If you’re not doing it already, you need to start right now. Good meal prep ensures you have balanced meals with the proper caloric amounts and the correct ratio of protein to fat to carbs. It will also keep you from binging, which could ruin a whole week of progress in a single day.

Bottom line

Everyone feels different when they start cutting, some people feel fine, others feel horrible. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and water—if you don’t it could make you feel hungry—and that you’re keeping your protein intake high. Always plan ahead. Look at your calendar and see if you have any vacation time or work-related travel coming up that could throw you off your gym schedule or mess up you eating habits and then make a plan to attack it head on. Also, look for any work parties, family gatherings or other events that might have lots of food and alcohol. Schedule this as a cheat meal, but don’t let yourself get carried away. With some careful planning you can still enjoy vacation and family parties without cheating on your cutting regimen.

Now that you know more ways to cut. Its time to get started!

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