Omega-3 for a Healthy Body and Mind

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Omega-3 fish oil has become an incredibly popular supplement, picking up steam continually since the initial discovery of benefits in the mid-70s. After studying fish oils over a period of years, The FDA announced that omega-3 fatty acids “may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease”. The FDA has been notorious for being very selective when announcing health claims, so this came as a welcome revelation to many.

Omega-3 fish oil is rich in essential fatty acids vital to human health. Supplementation and proper dieting is the only possible way to receive omega-3 since the body is unable to manufacture it. This was a surprising revelation since omega-3 is vital to proper nutrition.


Omega-3 fish oils have been proven to have three major beneficial effects within the human body. The most prevalent, and widely studied, has been in regards to cardiovascular support but other benefits have been reported.

Heart Health

Studies have suggested a number of claims for the effectiveness of omega-3 fish oil supplementation for heart-related issues. Omega-3 fish oil is a proponent of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, regulating a healthy heart beat and bring blood pressure to a normal range. More recently, omega-3 fish oil has been found to help boost HDL cholesterol and work as a natural blood thinner.

Emotional Health

A now famous study from the Harvard Medical School played a massive role in the use of omega-3 fish oil for better emotional health. This particular study found that low levels of EPA and DHA within the body can lead to manic and mood disorders. The results of the study found that 75% of the participants that supplemented with fish oil experienced relief from these disorders.


Though there have been few, if any studies, that have linked omega-3 fish oil to inflammation for relief, many individuals say they are living proof of its capabilities. The basic belief is that DHA and EPA compounds get converted to function as an anti-inflammatory.

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