Other uses of Glutamine

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I am sure that by now just about everyone has heard of the amino acid, Glutamine. It is promoted by just about every supplement company as being a great muscle builder and recovery accelerator. While all that may be true, there are some other benefits to supplementing with Glutamine that are not very common knowledge.

Glutamine is the most common and abundant amino acid in the human body and it just makes sense that it would be related to a whole number of other factors than just muscle growth and repair.

You can obtain glutamine from directly from your diet through meat, dairy, beans, spinach and red cabbage. However, for the benefits listed below, you will need to take it in supplemental form, preferably as a powder, as we will be using higher and more frequent doses of this amino acid.

Heal your gut

If you have a leaky gut, or are facing a lot of digestion issues, such as, bloating and excessive gas, consider supplementing with Glutamine. This amino acid is the major source of fuel for the cells in the intestines and large frequent doses on an empty stomach have shown to heal the linings of the intestines and fight the dreaded leaky gut.

Take 5 grams of glutamine, four times daily on an empty stomach to improve your gut health. Do this for a maximum of 4 weeks and you can then resume consumption at 10grams daily, split as you like.


Another area where L-Glutamine really shines is in its ability to detox the body. It helps the body get rid of high amounts of Ammonia. Glutamine is responsible for the conversion of Ammonia in to other amino acids and in to the waste product, urea, which is then filtered by the kidneys and excreted through urination.

10mg daily will suffice for this purpose.

Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Output

Various studies have shown that combining L-glutamine with L-arginine can have a significance impact on the output of HGH. HGH is known as the youth hormone and is beneficial for a number of reasons such as fat-loss, bone and organ growth and development and to reduce the effects of ageing.

And, of course, there are the other more well-known, athletic effects of glutamine. Glutamine helps to promote muscle growth, decrease muscle wasting, improve metabolic activity, insulin response, accelerate muscle recovery and assist with muscle growth. 60% of skeletal muscle tissue IS made up of glutamine after all.

We recommend Premium Powders Glutamine Powder.

Regardless of what brand of Glutamine you go with, check out these awesome flavors to make it easy to drink.

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