5 Healthy Herbs and Spices to Improve your Meals

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Healthy Herbs and spices are an incredibly delicious and a low-calorie way of bringing life to just about any meal. They can turn any bland boring meal, such as chicken breast, into a magnificently delicious work of art. Chances are you’re tired of having to choose between eating healthy and eating deliciously. Now, you can choose both. Just add a few of these healthy herbs or spices to give your meals a delicious and nutritious boost. Here are 5 Healthy Herbs to improve your meals:


Basil is a very popular herb in Italian and Thai cuisine. Although they both use different varieties of basil, both are incredibly nutritious and delicious and they add a nice bit of brightness to any meal. Basil is rich in the mineral Magnesium and is also a very powerful anti-bacterial as well as an anti-inflammatory. Basil is best added during the last few moments of cooking since it can wilt easily and lose all flavor and nutrition. Either fry it at the end or just add it plain when done cooking.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper instantly adds a lively kick to any meal. Its high in capsaicin, which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and is also known to give your metabolism a boost. This metabolism boost helps in burning more calories. Cayenne can be used as a dry rub on any meat and can be sprinkled on later to add some extra spice to your meals. It is also known to be an appetite suppressant, which is great when you’re cutting calories. Try sprinkling it on corn with some lemon juice to really kick it up a notch.


Cinnamon, although a spice, is most often associated with sweet foods though it can also be used with savory foods. Cinnamon is effective in controlling and lowering blood sugar. It is also known to lower cholesterol and fight inflammation. Cinnamon is most commonly sprinkled on foods at the end of cooking, but is also used as a dry rub in some Asian and middle eastern dishes.


Fenugreek as an herb is most commonly found in its dried form, but also comes in a supplemental form. It is a very common ingredient in Indian and South Asian cuisines that is known to maintain healthy blood sugar and testosterone levels. Its commonly added to curry style (liquid-based) dishes at the beginning of cooking, but can also be used in soups and broths.


This wonderfully aromatic herb has been used centuries for its great flavor and health benefits. A great addition to any beef dish, especially a pot roast. Rosemary contains the minerals Iron and Calcium, both are essential for a healthy, strong body. Fresh rosemary is best used alongside meats when cooking for longer periods of time, such as a slow roasted beef. The dried version can be used to add flavor to sauces or broths and as a dry rub for proteins.


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