5 Essential Supplements for Good Health

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Now obviously, when I say essential, I mean that use these supplements on top of a good diet and exercise program. These essential supplements won’t necessarily help you burn fat or build muscle, but it will ensure that your body is functioning at optimum capacity to keep you strong and healthy from the inside.


A good quality multi-vitamin, ensures that you have all your basic vitamin and mineral needs covered. These days, even the best diet and food selection will leave somewhat of a gap in your nutrition.

Most of our foods are so processed these days that it is hard to get ALL our vitamins and minerals through diet alone so this is where a good multi-vitamin, such as, Medivin or Whole Foods Multivitamin, can be useful. Make sure to read the nutritional label on the bottle and see if it fits your requirements.


Probiotic supplements contain live bacteria that helps to balance the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your intestines. It is a great nutritional tool to help your digestive system function at its best as having a good digestive system ensures that your food is properly digested and its nutrients efficiently absorbed. It also greatly strengthens your immune system. Probiotics are naturally found in fermented foods such as: kimchi, kefir, yoghurt, etc., but if you’re like me, you won’t be having these foods around all the time and that is where a good probiotic supplement such as, Eupepsia, comes in.

Fish Oil/Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids, are an absolute necessity. Your body does not produce them on its own so it is important that you get them through either your diet from foods like, salmon or flax seeds, or through supplements.

Omega 3s have been known to reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve joint health, assist fat-loss, improve heart-health and ensure a healthy hormone balance.

Make sure to pick a high quality supplement that has been purified to remove Mercury as high levels of Mercury can be poisonous to the human body. Aim for at least 2-3grams of EPA and DHA combined per day.

Vitamin D

According to my doctor, everybody these days is deficient in Vitamin D.

There’s a reason for that and our lifestyle is to blame. Most of us just don’t get enough sunshine throughout the day. Sunshine is the best (and free) way to obtain Vitamin D naturally. It is also found in foods like fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks.

Vitamin D is known to improve bone strength, teeth and muscle development and ensures a healthy immune system. Make sure to get at least 2,000IUs per day from the Cholecalciferol form of Vitamin D as that is the most natural form of it and is easily recognized by the body.


In these days of lactose intolerance, hormone pumped cows and high caffeine consumption (caffeine impairs calcium absorption), it is getting harder and harder for us to get optimum levels of calcium. Calcium is found in foods such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and some leafy green vegetables. You can also find dairy free milk substitutes that have been fortified with calcium.

Calcium is an essential mineral when it comes to bone health. Without it, you can be at risk for bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis. Aim for at least a 1,000mg per day.

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