Super 4-Andro Rx Stack: The Ultimate Prohormone Stack

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While gains hunters have seen countless ineffective prohormone stacks come and go, they have ultimately found that they don’t carry the same effectiveness the old-school versions had. While many of the most effective prohormones were cut down by the FDA, new and innovative products are finally starting to make waves among the bodybuilding community. If you are looking for a new cycle that will provide real mass gains and raw aggression, the Super 4-Andro RX Starter Stack was created for you.

What’s Included in the Super 4-Andro Rx Stack?

For fans of old-school prohormone stacks, Muscle Research has developed the Super 4-Andro Rx Stack. With 4 unique products included to enhance muscle growth and provide the necessary support needed both during and after the cycle, you will have everything you need to unleash unbridled muscle and strength gains. To achieve this, the Super 4-Andro Rx Stack includes:

(1) Iron Mag Labs Super 4-Andro Rx – Considered the ultimate safe alternative to illegal anabolic steroids, Super 4-Andro Rx is easily converted by the body to testosterone during a 2-step process. Unlike thermogenic prohormones, Super 4-Andro Rx provides enhanced caloric retention to ensure you keep your gains once a cycle ends. With 2 bottles included, you have the necessary amount to ensure optimal muscle gain throughout your 6-week cycle.

(1) Muscle Research Testurrection- As a natural testosterone booster, Testurrection combines the most powerful natural testosterone boosting ingredients available to raise your testosterone levels from the dead. As the master hormone for muscle growth, testosterone is required to ensure your body has the optimal level of support. To assist you, Testurrection increases the amount of free testosterone in the body.

(1) Iron Mag Labs Advanced Cycle Support- Combining 7 of the most effective ingredients available to be used “on cycle”, Iron Mag Labs Advanced Cycle Support provides complete liver, organ and lipid support. By using this supplement during your prohormone cycle, you will have the support needed to protect your liver and prostate while improving lipid profiles and decreasing your blood pressure. If you are undergoing a prohormone cycle, this is the best support you will find on the market.

(1) Muscle Gelz EstroZone- EstroZone is a superior estrogen control with guaranteed absorption, no needles, no pills and no liver stress! A great alternative to the once popular king, Forma Stanzol.


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