3 Reasons to Eat More Eggs

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Eggs are among the most affordable sources of protein available. Not only does this make them incredibly popular among bodybuilders, it makes them one of the most beneficial foods you can eat. If you aren’t currently including eggs in your diet because of texture or taste, here are 3 reasons you should reconsider and eat more eggs.

Diverse Nutrient Profile

Eggs contain a wide variety of nutrients that are required for a single cell that has been fertilized to grow into a baby chicken. Because eggs remain unfertilized and the nutrients are unused, they are an excellent way to increase your nutrient intake of nearly every vitamin and mineral the human body needs. However, it also contains large amounts of vitamin B, vitamin A and selenium.

High-Quality Protein

It’s no secret that eggs are one of the best sources of protein available as a food source. In fact, eggs are one of the only foods that serve as a comparison for protein quality because it has achieved a perfect score of 100. This score has been calculated because eggs have a perfect amino acid profile, consisting of around 21 unique amino acids. Find ways to add eggs to your other meals to get even more protein.

Weight Loss Support

Although whole eggs contain a large amount of protein and fat, they only have trace amounts of carbohydrates. For this reason, they not only keep you satisfied and full for longer, they can help limit snacking that provides sneaky calories. By creating this caloric deficit and remaining satiated longer, you have the ability to promote weight loss. Just eat more eggs for breakfast and experience the difference it can make throughout your day.

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