Muscle Research Now Carries Bulk Hand Sanitizer

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As the world continues to face uncertainty about when COVID-19 will finally be under control, many essential supplies have seemingly disappeared overnight. One of these products that arguably is the most effective in the fight against viral infections is not toilet paper but hand sanitizer. To help businesses or hospitals that are looking for an affordable source of bulk hand sanitizer that can be used to refill smaller containers, Muscle Research now has a limited supply of 55-gallon drum containers with a convenient screw-in pump.

Each batch of sanitizer available has been manufactured in an FDA registered facility that has received 3rd GMP certification. This certification ensures that the hand sanitizer is produced in a way that provides a safe and uncontaminated product that aligns with the policies and procedures set forth by Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. Muscle Research strives to only provide quality products for our customers and this bulk hand sanitizer is no different.

This bulk hand sanitizer meets CDC recommendations for minimal alcohol content with 70% ethyl alcohol content by volume to be used as an external antiseptic for reducing bacteria that may be present on the skin. However, when dealing with viruses like COVID-19, hand sanitizer should always be used in conjunction with good hygiene practices like regularly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds according to CDC guidelines.

As the coronavirus continues to run its course worldwide, Muscle Research continues to operate as normal through our logistics partner to provide the supplements and products needed to make the most of your home workouts as quickly as possible. With the addition of this bulk hand sanitizer, we hope to continue to work with the hospitals and businesses by supplying this product that provides crucial defense as they continue to serve the public. For more information about our new bulk hand sanitizer, please visit the new product page.


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