Is Cereal a Good Breakfast Food?

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I hate to admit it, but I grew up on cereal. Every single day of my life started with a bowl of milk and cereal. It’s not that my parents didn’t want to feed me proper food but I was a kid and kids love chocolate. I loved chocolate cereal and it was the only way that I would ever eat breakfast. I’m sure I’m not the only one, though, after all, these days there are more cereal varieties than ever! Just go to any supermarket and you will see a whole row with cereal boxes across the shelves. If everyone loves them, they must be healthy, right? I mean the cartoons on the boxes can do no harm to us, right? Wrong.

Now before we begin, if you’ve read most of the other articles here you will know that for fat loss, it eventually comes down to calories in vs calories out so I’m not going to say that cereal is good or bad for fat loss. If you really enjoy it, go ahead. I’m just telling you that there are better ways to start your day. In fact, I still enjoy cereal every now and then, but only as a snack before bedtime. It helps me get to sleep better and I enjoy it but again, when it comes to breakfast, you can do much better.

A complete breakfast is one where you get all the major macronutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats and of course, some fiber to keep you full until lunch time. Now let’s take a look at some of the common cereals, they have at best 1 gram of fiber, a whole bunch of sugar (quick digesting carbs) which will only cause you to crash within a few hours and the only protein source would be the milk and I’m not even a fan of regular cow milk. Who wants an upset stomach on the way to work?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it can determine how you feel for the rest of the day, start your day with a healthy filling meal and you will be able to avoid cravings and temptations much better. If you’re full until your lunch time, you won’t reach for those candy bars or chips. So instead of rushing to the cereal box every morning, try these healthier alternatives:

Protein Oatmeal

Oatmeal is healthy. We all know it. It has a good amount of heart-healthy fiber, is slow digesting and thus will not cause any sugar crash. The only thing it lacks is protein, well fear not. After cooking your oatmeal, just add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to give it a huge protein AND flavor boost! This is sure to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. If you don’t have time in the mornings, just make overnight oats. Combining your choice of milk or water with the oatmeal and leave it in the fridge overnight, mix some protein powder in the morning and you’re good to go.


Whether you like it fried, scrambled, boiled or as an omelet. Eggs have been a breakfast staple for centuries and there’s a good reason why. They are full of satiating protein and healthy fats which help to give you a healthy morning boost! Make sure to eat the whole egg because the cholesterol in the egg yolks helps to improve your hormonal balance. If you’re really watching the calories, go for one yolk per 3 egg whites. Combine it with your favorite vegetables to add some filling fiber to your meal. Chives, onions, mushrooms and peppers go great with eggs.

Protein smoothie

If you’re really in a rush and just don’t have time to eat, combine oatmeal, protein powder, flax or chia seeds, your choice of liquid and some spinach (trust me you won’t taste it) for an incredibly healthy breakfast smoothie that ticks all the boxes, protein, healthy carbs and fats and of course, fiber.


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