Insects May Be the Future of Protein

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Around the world, insects have taken a roll as delicious snacks. Though it is uncommon in the United States, consuming bugs has historically been a widespread occurrence for centuries. The act of humans eating insects is referred to as Entomophagy. Though the idea may seem disgusting, these bite-sized creatures pack a phenomenal amount of protein and might be the future of protein.

Insects are naturally high in iron and other vitamins while remaining a low-calorie food source. Given the anatomy of insects, fat-based calories are greatly diminished. This means that though it may seem gross, a diet that includes bugs could be incredibly beneficial in achieving nutritional goals.

Protein amounts can vary by insect eaten, but for arguments sake, we will compare 100g of cricket to 100g of beef. A cricket contains 69g of protein per 100g consumed. This number is also supported by high vitamin and mineral levels. The average amount of protein for the same amount of beef is only 26g.

Around the world, insects are typically skewered and fried then sold by street vendors. Recently companies have started boiling and dehydrating insects then vacuum sealing them for sale. These items can be found readily through a simple amazon or google search.

More recently start-up companies have started manufacturing protein bars made with insect protein sources. The insects contained within these bars have been cleverly disguised by adding things such as coconut flour, fruit and cacao. Because of the enhanced protein content, the bars create a feeling of fullness for longer.

For individuals who like to cook, cricket flour can be added to almost any recipe for a quick boost of protein. Some have even reported mixing it into their protein shakes to supplement protein content. The advantage of using cricket flour is the ability to mask its involvement with anything you want.

Perhaps the most important part of using insects is the sustainability associated with their production. Insects are readily available and have recently started to be farmed for mass production. Since the life cycle of insects are typically very short, supply never runs out!

If you are unsure about adding insects to your diet but still need to meet your protein macros, offers many different bars, powder blends and isolates for a variety of uses. With a wide variety of flavor choices, you are sure to find a new favorite! The Future of Protein might not be here for all of us 😉


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