Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally: Part 2

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In this article, I will not tell you to fix your diet, exercise right or sleep more. No, you already know that by now. In this one, I will share with you some of the changes that you can make in your day to day life that will help to give your natural testosterone levels a boost. You must make some lifestyle changes and get just a little bit uncomfortable. Lets get into Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally!

Reduce Stress

Yes, I know this is easier said than done but it is an absolute necessity. Stress kills and in more ways than just one. Excess stress releases a hormone known as Cortisol which is a Testosterone killer. It fights with testosterone and wins. Reduce your stress and your testosterone will have a fighting chance to go up. The muscle research forum has some great articles on reducing stress.

Take Cold Showers

This one can be hard for some people, especially in the winter months but taking a cold shower has shown to give your testosterone levels a bit of a boost. Cold showers also help to boost recovery so the best time to take one is after your workouts.

Be Competitive

Several studies have shown that when men compete against others, their testosterone levels face a significant spike. No, you don’t have to enter a UFC match and get beaten to a pulp, a friendly game of basketball (or any other competitive event) should do the trick. Also, don’t challenge your buddies to a drinking contest, the alcohol will just raise your estrogen.


This goes hand in hand with reducing stress. It’s not just mental stress that can raise Cortisol. Physical stress can as well. If you are working out way too much in the gym day in and day out, doing too much cardio or have a very physically demanding job, your body will break down and start raising your Cortisol levels. Take a few days off and you will feel much better.

Control Your Fiber Intake

Although fiber is great for your heart and digestive health, too much of it can have a negative impact on your testosterone levels. As you may now, cholesterol (the good kind) is an important ingredient in the production of testosterone. Fiber, binds to cholesterol in the stomach, now although this is good for reducing your bad cholesterol, it binds to the good stuff as well. Therefore, try not to consume more than 30-35g of fiber on any given day.

Get Busy in Bed

Yup. Sex raises testosterone. So, tell your partner that you need sex to make you big, strong and healthy. Go ahead, show them this article. Don’t believe me? Research it! This works best with two people, though a night alone with your hand will probably not provide enough stimulation for your body to release any significant amounts of testosterone. You got to work for it! As a bonus, you get some cardio in as well.


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