How to Stay Motivated on Keto

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If you are just starting Keto and haven’t truly adapted yet, it can seem challenging to find the motivation to continue and cut your carbohydrate cravings down. While entering ketosis can provide numerous benefits, achieving that status can be challenging for someone that is new to the diet. This, unfortunately, can leave you feeling unmotivated or ready to ditch the diet. If you are having trouble staying motivated on Keto, try to remember these factors.

Focus on Short Term

Keeping your goals sustainable and within reach is important for ensuring that you are able to stay motivated on a Keto diet. While you may have a lot of weight that you want to lose, it is important to make sure you don’t just set your sights on that one particular goal. Instead, create stretch goals that can serve as a roadmap to your ideal weight so you are consistently getting reinforcement.

Plan Your Meals

It can be incredibly easy to slip on the Keto diet if you are hungry and don’t have many Keto-friendly food options around you. Just a single high-carbohydrate meal can potentially kick you out of ketosis and stall your weight loss for up to a week. To avoid this, plan your meals in advance and meal prep whenever possible. This will ensure that you have plenty of Keto-friendly options available at all times.

Give it Time

Although you can potentially lose weight very quickly on the Keto diet, it is important to understand that you will face plateaus that can lead to a quick loss of motivation. During this times it is important to make sure that you continue to adjust your diet to make it through these plateaus while keeping in mind it may take some time. No diet is a quick-fix and Keto is no different.


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