How to Build a Bigger and Stronger Back

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The back muscles are often one of the most neglected muscles when it comes to bodybuilding. Obviously, I’m not talking about professional or advanced bodybuilders, they know how important it is, but I’m talking about the beginners. It’s not hard to understand why, the back hides behind your other more visible muscles such as the arms, shoulders and chest. So why waste all that time building a stronger back when you could be pumping up those guns?

The back, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of your body. The back muscles protect your spine, and we all know just how important and delicate that is! A weak back leads to a bad posture and if you’re constantly working out your chest, then that creates an even bigger imbalance which is just horrible for your long term health. It will wreak havoc on your posture and soon you will be facing a whole bunch of back pains and nasty expensive visits to the chiropractor.

How can I build a bigger, wider and stronger back?

Do a Wide Variety of Exercises

The back itself is a huge muscle with many different parts. There are the lats, which are your wings, then there is the middle back and then the lower back. First off, always warm up, you definitely do not want to injure your back.Start with 5-10 minutes on the treadmill (light) to get the blood flowing and then move on to some light dumbbell rows. Do 2 sets of 10-12 reps and then you can do a few heavy sets.

Pick a heavy (but workable with good form) weight and do 4-6 sets of exercises such as the deadlift (works almost the entire back) and bent over barbell rows. These exercises will help to strengthen and build the main parts of your back. If you choose to do just 2 exercises, it would be these two. You will notice an almost immediate effect on your posture.

Then, you can move on to the more aesthetic exercises, such as the lat pulldowns and rows on the machine. These exercises help to build your lats which gives your body that wide V look, not to mention a lat pump feels amazing!

Don’t Ignore the Lower Back!

The lower back is probably the most important part of the body as it takes most of the pressure. It is constantly under tension and if you are doing a lot of upper body exercises, it is absolutely crucial to balance those out with lower back exercises. Most of the causes of back pain stem from the lower back and an imbalance between your lower back and your upper body can make you very prone to injury. Exercises such as back extensions, superman’s and even planks can increase your lower back strength. Another great exercise is the single-leg deadlift, but always make sure to use a weight that you can control. This is one exercise that you should never let your ego get involved with. I hope this helps your journey to building a stronger back!


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