How Do I Gain Lean Muscle?

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If you want to build your physique but don’t want to have extremely large, defined muscle, you likely are curious how to build lean muscle instead of bulking. While there are many different theories on the best way to build lean muscle, there are a few hold true no matter who you hear them from. If you are asking yourself “How do I gain lean muscle?” then the information in this article is for you!

Increase Your Cardio

Having a great nutritional plan is critical for both building and maintaining lean muscle. However, utilizing cardio will help you effectively lose weight as well as increase how these nutrients are utilized to build lean muscle and promote the growth of lean mass. Whether you have the drive to incorporate HIIT or just want to spend some extra time on the treadmill, cardio is a great way to promote lean muscle while cutting fat to improve your overall physique.

Increase Your Reps

While you may have heard that building large muscles is achieved by lifting heavy weights, you may be surprised to learn that increase your reps and deloading your weight can be an effective way to gain lean muscle. While this process may take longer than doing minimal reps at your peak weight, you are sure to build the lean muscle you are looking for.

Increase Your Training Days

Staying in an anabolic state is important for the continued growth of muscle. As you likely already know, having increased muscle mass is an effective way to stay lean throughout the year because you are burning more calories during rest periods. To ensure your body stays in an anabolic state and you are maintaining your fitness goals, try to increase your weight training to around 6 days a week if possible.


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