Bodybuilding Myths

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In this day and age, information is all around us. When it comes to bodybuilding alone, there is an almost endless amount of articles, magazines, websites etc., full of information that contradicts one another. This isn’t to say that all that information is wrong, it’s just that we have come a long way, more research is done on a daily basis and what we once thought to be true may no longer be. The problem is that we can’t physically update magazines and no one wants to go through old articles on their websites to update every now and then. So here are a few bodybuilding myths that I think need to be put to rest:

Eat every 3 hours or you will never gain muscle

I am sick and tired of hearing this one. The claim is that if you go for long periods of time without food (mainly protein) your body will go in to a catabolic state and start burning muscle. With the recent popularity of intermittent fasting, we’ve realized that this just isn’t true. Your body doesn’t care how many meals you consume as long as you consume enough calories and macronutrients on a daily basis. Whether those calories come from one meal or 20 it doesn’t make a difference. Just eat!

Low reps build muscle high reps burn fat

This is another myth that a lot of beginners fall for. The claim is that heavy weight with low reps build muscle and lighter weights for higher reps burn fat. False! Although, everyone’s body works differently according to what rep range builds muscles, fat burning has nothing to do with rep range. It’s all about how many calories you burn vs how many you take in. If you start lifting lighter weights during calorie deficits, your muscles will have no stimulation and therefore will have no need to stick around and keep growing. Progression should always be present, whether it’s during a bulk or a cut. Give your muscles a reason to stay and grow. Keep upping those weights…sensibly.

Eating carbs at night makes you fat

Since carbohydrates are the main source of your body’s energy, the claim is that if you eat them at night when you are least active, your body is unable to burn them off and instead stores them as fat. Wrong! In fact, many recent studies have shown that carbs are best utilized at night. They help you to relax and ensure a proper restful and healing sleep, although, it doesn’t make a really huge impact on your fitness goals. As long as you maintain your daily limits, you can eat them whenever you want, it’s entirely up to what works best for YOU!

You can grow as big as a professional bodybuilder naturally

Listen, I’m not trying to discourage you from bodybuilding but come on, your goals should be realistic. No matter how much you eat and train, you just cannot be as big as a professional bodybuilder by being all natural. I’m not trying to discount their work ethic or dedication either. These guys live, breathe and sleep bodybuilding and work their ass off. The only reason that they can keep going for as long and as hard as they do and recover properly is because of chemical enhancements. Set realistic goals and you will avoid disappointment.



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