Big Muscles, Small Penis?

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While bodybuilding was once seen as an elite sport that featured a small group of the world’s most muscular men, extreme body types have quickly become of the norm as men worldwide focus on building the perfect body type no matter what the costs may be. While steroid use has consistently been known to drastically shrink the size of a man’s testicles, this fear has also been transferred onto the penis. So, we ask the question, does having big muscles actually give you a small penis? Let’s look at the evidence.

In the modern day and age, the rise of digital dating platforms like Tinder have made many men take a long look in the mirror. It’s not uncommon for women to agree that size does matter, especially in comparison to body size. When you look down at your penis, you are getting a bird’s eye view of what is actually there and, with larger muscles, it may appear smaller than it actually is.

Regardless of how much muscle you pack on, your penis will likely remain the same size. Which can lead to a disproportional look when viewed by an outsider. Is that so hard to understand from an outsider’s perspective though? An average sized penis on a large, muscular body will always appear smaller than it actually is. Which can lead to some confusion or disappointment from a female partner.

In reality, it is unlikely that your penis will shrink from steroid use but may look smaller in proportion to your muscles as they grow. And although your testicle size may shrink with the use of steroids, they will likely return to normal size following a Post Cycle Therapy. On average, the male penis is around 2.8 inches flaccid and 5.2 inches erect. If you still fit within this area of length, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, as previously noted, your penis may appear smaller if you have a muscular body.


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