The Unwritten Gym Rules

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Whether you are a just thinking of joining the gym or you’ve been a longtime gym rat, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Now, of course, every establishment will have its own set of gym rules and regulations. Apart from the written rules, there are some unwritten rules and a code of conduct that you should follow to make sure you don’t annoy and disturb the people around you, and/or damage the gym property.

The gym is a shared public space and you are just one small part of it, make sure you don’t let your ego get in the way and ruin the experience for others.

Re-rack Your Weights

This is just common sense. Once you are done using the weight plates, dumbbells, etc. Return them! It doesn’t take much effort to pick the weight up and put it back in its place. It just makes it easier for the next person to find and is the considerate thing to do. What if I came in your house, picked up your TV remote from the couch and put it in the shower? It’s annoying right? Don’t be an ass.

Do NOT Make Fun of Anyone

Everyone in the gym is there for their own reasons. A huge variety of people go to the gym and they may be disabled, overweight, or have some other issue that they are probably self-conscious about. You making fun of them does not do anyone any favors and just makes you a bigger douche. No one ever walked into the gym on their first day looking like Arnold, not you either. Everyone has to start somewhere and rather than making fun of someone, offer them support, just don’t overdo it.

Don’t Offer Advice Unnecessarily

If you see someone working out in a different way than yourself, let them be. Unless of course, they are doing something dangerous that could hurt them and/or the gym property. In that case, let them know, in a calm manner that what they are doing could be dangerous and offer them support by showing them how to perform the exercise correctly. Don’t just go up to someone who is incline benching at a 20-degree angle when you only perform it at a smooth 15-degrees. Let that go.

Dry Up the Equipment

Whether it’s the weights, the machines or the bench, make sure that once you are done using them, you wipe it off with a towel. No one else wants to deal with your sweat. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and energy cleaning up after someone else, would you?

Pro tip: If someone asks you for a spot, make sure you aren’t dripping sweat all over their face. Wipe yourself too.

Keep Your Noises to Yourself

It’s perfectly natural to let out a grunt or two during a heavy set of deadlifts. However, make sure you aren’t making some stupid noises with each and every rep. I was at the gym once and this guy was doing bicep curls next to me and with each rep he’d say. “ahhh SEXY”. It’s distracting, it’s annoying and it’s ridiculous. I’m at the gym, not at the comedy club. Keep your noise down if there are others around you. Don’t talk loudly on the phone either, in fact, keep your phone away!

Respect Other People’s Space

This is more of a life rule but it applies just as well in the gym. Don’t just invade other people’s space and privacy, it’s rude and annoying. Don’t be too close to others when lifting, you could bust someone’s head open. On the other hand, if someone comes too close to you, ask them kindly to give you some space. Safety first.

Follow these basic gym rules and you will make more friends 😉


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