3 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

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As an athlete, you likely lose a lot of your water during strenuous workouts. Even worse, the summer heat could also be taking its toll even when you aren’t working out. Without adequate water replacement throughout the day, there’s a good chance that you will start suffering from the effects of dehydration. If you are struggling to keep up with your body’s water requirements, here are 3 tips to help you stay hydrated this summer.

Reach for Water

Water should be your drink of choice throughout the summer any time you feel thirsty. While other drinks may provide a reprieve from the thirst you feel, the results will typically disappear quickly and leave you reaching for another unhealthy alternative. If you are a fan of sports drinks, they can help provide needed water occasionally as well as electrolytes instead of a cold glass of the good stuff; however, ensure they aren’t full of sugar.

Sip Throughout Your Workout

Even if you aren’t thirsty, it is important to sip cold water throughout your workout to maintain comfortable body temperature and replace the fluids that are being lost as your sweat. In most cases, feeling thirsty is a sure sign of the onset of dehydration. So, if you are starting to get thirsty reach for a glass of water to quench it and restore your body’s needs.

Trick Yourself Into Drinking Water

If you struggle to drink water simply cause you don’t like the taste, there are several flavor enhancers that could use to trick yourself into enjoying it. At MRSupps, we carry Extreme Flavors that can be added in any amount to your water to provide intense flavors that you will love. Water is important and should be your go-to drink but if you need help stomaching it, we guarantee this will help!

Stay healthy and stay hydrated!


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