3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger

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While you may be seeing great gains in your physique, it’s possible you are no longer hitting personal records. When this happens you can feel like your progress has stalled and your workouts become less exciting. To ensure you stay on the right track and consistently smash your lifting goals, here are 3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger.

Prioritize Strength Training

It’s possible that your gym routine has become stagnant and you are just repeating the same thing day in and day out. To help combat this problem and ensure you continue to meet your goal of achieving new personal records, it is important to place an emphasis on strength training. However, keep in mind that you will need to do more than just lift heavy weight for one rep. Instead, add compound exercises to your routine to build functional strength.

Focus on Recovery

If you aren’t putting the proper emphasis on recovery, you likely aren’t giving your body the support it needs to continue to improve. Not sleeping enough or feeding your body the things it needs for proper recovery can result in your muscles working less than optimally. Both creatine and protein supplements can be added to your regimen to enhance recovery, while sleep support supplements can make sure you get the proper rest.

Improve Your Mental Focus

While there are limits to what your muscles can do, they typically aren’t pushed as hard as they could be due to mental constraints. Being in the right mindset is important for hitting new personal records and pushing yourself to keep going even when you feel like you can’t. Dig deep and psych yourself up if you have to. Just make sure you have the right focus going into all of your lifts for the best outcome. Are these items possible reasons you aren’t getting stronger?


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