What You Should Look for In a Preworkout

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There are a ton of preworkout supplements out in the market today. Every single company seems to have cracked the magical code of pre-workout nutrition and markets them as the best supplement to have ever hit the industry. So, if everyone claims to have the best one, how do I really know what’s best and what works? Here are some items you should look for in a Preworkout.


If you’re into stimulants, caffeine is the best one. It helps to wake you up and gives you a ton of energy when you need it most. Due to its stimulant effects, caffeine helps you to power through your workout and push harder. Just make sure that caffeine is not the only ingredient in your pre-workout and aim for no more than 200-300mg per serving. Any more than that is just too much and the rest of the pre-workout is likely just fillers.

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is a byproduct of Arginine and it is tremendous for improving blood flow through your veins. Agmatine helps the creation of nitric oxide in the blood which allows you to push harder and get those skin tearing pumps. 500-1000mg of Agmatine Sulfate is more than enough. More is not always better in this case and the excess is just wasted.


This is another ‘pump ingredient’ that helps to improve blood flow and improve muscle contraction rate. As a bonus, citrulline has also shown to improve heart health due to its ability to improve blood flow. Aim for 1-3 grams of citrulline per serving.


If you’ve ever had a preworkout and felt ants crawling all over your body, it’s because of beta-alanine. This ingredient increases carnosine levels in the body which is a powerful precursor to nitric oxide, helping you to improve your pumps. It also helps increase your muscle mass and strength.

Bonus ingredients

These ingredients are not essential for a pre-workout but can help give you an extra edge if you really need it.

Creatine- We all know the benefits of creatine by now. It helps to improve muscle hydration and also helps you to push harder in the gym.

B-Vitamins- A combination of B-vitamins to be exact. Vitamin B is the vitamin responsible for energy production and regulation and this is why it is a great addition to any pre-workout. These vitamins help with energy production, blood circulation as well as nutrient digestion.

Our favorite preworkouts are listed on our website. Review them and consider what to look for in a preworkout.


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