Using B-Drol for Lean Muscle and Improved Strength

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Beastdrol v3 is an extremely powerful prohormone designed to give you substantial increases in lean muscle tissue and strength. When it’s predecessors were banned, B-Drol teetered on uncertainty. Through countless re-formulations and extensive research, Beastdrol v3 became one of the most powerful legal prohormones on the market!

With the inclusion of several key ingredients, B-Drol will give you significant gains in not only size, but physical strength as well. The inclusion of estrogen blockers and anti-aromatization agents in Beastdrol v3 can produce the lean gains you have always wanted while minimizing the risk of unwanted side effects. All gains obtained through supplementation of B-Drol are lean. That means you will experience no bloating, or fat increases!

Depending on your dosage amounts, workout habits, diet and experience with prohormone supplements, you can expect results in a little as three weeks with Beastdrol v3. If you are searching for lean muscle gains, increased muscle hardness, enhanced recovery and more intense workouts, B-Drol is the prohormone you have been waiting for.

Water retention can be a huge issue for most prohormone users since it leads to increases in size and weight, leaving a bloated feeling. With Beastdrol v3, water retention is minimal, or in some cases non-existent, giving you no weight fluctuations! This means B-Drol results are maintainable during a post cycle and you won’t lose increases in lean gains and enhanced strength.



The most powerful ingredient in legal prohormones today, 1-androsterone, or 1-DHEA, is a staple in Beastdrol v3. 1-DHEA is a non-methylated pro-steroid that undergoes a two-step conversion to become 1-Testosterone. In its final form, 1-DHEA has twice the potency of testosterone with a similar androgenicity.

Being non-methylated, 1-DHEA is not inherently toxic to the liver, but could elevate liver enzymes if abused. Due to the significant androgenic potency of this particular ingredient and its inability to convert to estrogen, side effects like gynecomastia is rarely reported.


Noted for its anti-aromatase properties, Acacetin’s involvement in the B-Drol formula furthers the reduction of unwanted side effects. Research has shown that Acacetin can inhibit the aromatase enzyme and reduce the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen. Healthy regulation of aromatase enzymes can support healthy testosterone and estrogen levels.


Beastdrol v3includes Arimistane in its formula to reduce circulating levels of estrogen within the body. This powerful ingredient functions as an aromatase inhibitor and cortisol inhibitor. Arimistane has shown a binding relationship with the aromatase enzyme that is more pronounced than seen with other aromatase inhibitors.


Commonly used in cooking in the preparation of curry powders and pastes, fenugreek has been promoted as a natural testosterone booster and kidney support supplement. Fenugreek contains a chemical compound called fenuside, known to stimulate androgens and male sex hormones. With continued use this stimulation can lead to increased muscle mass and testosterone production. This powerful ingredient has been added to the B-Drol formula for added testosterone support.


As an added support, the Beastdrol V3 formula includes medium chain triglycerides. Medium chain triglycerides are a hormone precursor that can increase natural testosterone, increase the assimilation of 1-DHEA, reduce muscle damage and reduce inflammatory response.


Each bottle of Beastdrol v3 comes with 90 capsules, each containing 100mg of 1-DHEA. Popular dosages for this ingredient vary between 300mg and 600mg per day. The inclusion of Arimistane, Acacetin and fenugreek in the B-Drol formula can help enhance absorption and conversion of 1-DHEA.

If you are a first time user, it is suggested that you take three capsules per day, divided into 2-3 separate doses. This means Beastdrol v3 can be taken every 5 to 6 hours, or every 8 hours if taken in two doses. It is strongly suggested that you not exceed six capsules of B-Drol within a 24-hour period.

General dosing guidelines state that continuous use of Beastdrol v3 should not exceed 6 weeks for the novice user. If experienced with B-Drol an 8-week cycle may be possible.

Stacking Capabilities

Beastdrol v3 with stack well with almost any compound. This means you can stack B-Drol with an estrogenic pro-steroid like 4-DHEA, or another aromatizing steroid, to increase size and strength gains! Beastdrol v3 can also be stacked with 19Nor-DHEA, which converts to Deca, to produce more dramatic gains.

Post Cycle Therapy

When using Beastdrol v3, a full post cycle therapy is recommended. The function of a post cycle therapy is to promote a faster recovery time to normalize levels within the body. Typically, the use of an aromatase-inhibitor, such as Forma Stanzol, and a testosterone booster and estrogen modulator, such as Forged Post Cycle, are used.

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