The Swiss Ball Pike

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We know you want sleeker, cut abs. So why not try an exercise that targets your abs and shoulders at the same time while increasing strength and balance? The Swiss Ball Pike is an exercise anyone can add into their gym routine to dramatically improve their core.

Another great thing about this is that, while you can find a Swiss Ball at any decent gym, you can also get one for pretty cheap and do this at home or even at the office if you’re crunched for time or travelling for work.

This exercise targets just about every muscle in your upper body. It works your forearms, biceps, pecs and shoulders as well as your abs and lower back muscles.

Proper form is important for this particular exercise. Doing a Swiss Ball Pike incorrectly could injure your back, shoulders or elbows.

Here’s how to do a Swiss Ball Pike with proper form:

Through the Entire Move

Begin in a plank position with your hands on the floor and your legs together with the ball placed at about mid-shin. Make sure your hands are directly below your shoulders.

Press your legs and feet into the ball while using your abs to raise your hips up. Hinge at the hips and shoulders—not the knees and elbows—until your body reaches a “pike” or “v” position.

Once you’re on the tips of your toes in a “v” position, hold it here briefly then slowly lower your body back to the starting position and repeat.

Throughout the entire exercise, contract your abs to maintain a neutral spine and keep your legs straight and your toes pointed away. Avoid bending your elbows and knees or rounding you back, which will make the exercise less effective.

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