The Guide to Getting Ripped Abs

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Ripped Abs are among the most sought after, and hard to achieve, muscles in the human body. Unfortunately for most people, the sacrifices required to fully reap the benefits of visible abs just isn’t worth the effort. These steps are critical for achieving visible six pack ripped abs:

Diet Modification

There is an old expression that states “abs are made in the kitchen”. Whether you would like to believe it or not, there is no greater truth in the pursuit of rock hard abs. Changing your diet is likely going to be the hardest step throughout this process, cravings and all.

When dieting for abs it is important to focus on a select few foods. Meat will be your best friend as you strive for a low-carb, zero-alcohol diet. This means you won’t be able to eat your normal bread, pasta, fruit or desserts of any form. This may sound hard, but it is absolutely critical.

P.S. drink ONLY water.

Build Your Core

If you have low muscle tone, you likely won’t have visible abs no matter how skinny you get. It is important to focus on building your core during this time, even if the diet makes it harder. Heavy weighted ab exercises will be your best ally in building abdominal muscle tone.

There are many exercises you can take advantage of to help build your core faster. Some were described in a previous blog we posted, so I won’t into the meat and potatoes of it. Just know you will probably need to do these exercises till you can’t anymore to see faster results.

Other Factors

It is possible you just don’t have the genetic makeup required to have six pack abs. If that is the case, don’t let it dismay you. Focus on lean muscle mass throughout the rest of your body to compensate. Regardless, if you follow these steps, you will still be in the best shape of your life. Most individuals will see noticeable results after around 8 weeks, depending on their starting body fat levels.

I hope that these tips help you achieve a goal of ripped abs!


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