The Beginner’s Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

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After the steroid ban, many bodybuilders began utilizing prohormones to help increase their size and strength during intense training cycles. This crackdown led many supplement companies to release new prohormones to meet the imposed regulations. The initial removal came from the lack of knowledge of proper post cycle therapy, or PCT, methods. Heres our beginners guide to post cycle therapy.

During a prohormone cycle, the body will be reaching a heavy androgenic level to promote muscle growth. It is important to utilize a post cycle therapy to help restore homeostasis in the body and normalize hormonal levels. This is where the post cycle treatment is absolutely necessary.

What is a Post Cycle Treatment?

A successful post cycle therapy combines many different components to help normalize the body following a prohormone cycle. During a prohormone cycle, the body will gradually decrease the natural production of testosterone, which can cause many detrimental side effects. An effective post cycle therapy will help preserve on-cycle gains and restore natural testosterone levels.

What are the Components of a Post Cycle Therapy?

When looking for an effective post cycle therapy product, two components are essential. These components work together to ensure the body increases testosterone production and retains it. Let’s look at both main components individually and why they are important.


The first essential component of a post cycle therapy is an anti-estrogen supplement. During a cycle, or post cycle, there is a chance that some testosterone can convert to estrogen. To remedy side effects like gynecomastia, estrogen must be blocked with an anti-estrogenic compound.

Test Booster

While on a prohormone cycle, the body will gradually begin to decrease the amount of testosterone that is being naturally produced. This can, unfortunately, lead to testicular shrinkage but can be corrected with a proper post cycle therapy. The main goal is to return the body to a normal state of testosterone production.

Bonus Components

During a prohormone cycle, the liver can be seriously impacted. To help restore normal liver function, your post cycle therapy should also include a liver support, such as TUDCA. Cholestasis, or inhibition of the production and flow of bile from the liver, can be a serious problem. For this reason, a proper liver support supplement is necessary.

It is also possible that your cholesterol can be effected by a steroid or prohormone cycle. It has been shown that a steroid cycle can increase LDL levels and decrease HDL levels, which can impact your heart. To remedy this, supplements such as hawthorn berry can help restore healthy cholesterol balances.


When Should I Start a Post Cycle Therapy?

As soon as your cycle ends it is important to start following a post cycle therapy regimen. In most cases, a successful post cycle therapy will last for around 4 weeks. Whether you buy an all-in-one supplement or build your own post cycle therapy, it is undeniable how important it is.

Have your post cycle therapy ready at a moment’s notice. To do this, it is recommended that you have the products on hand at the same time you start your prohormone cycle. In the event you have to stop the prohormone cycle early, you don’t want to be caught without a proper post cycle therapy. I hope this guide to post cycle therapy helps!


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