Staying in Shape During a Vacation

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Summer is finally here and you likely have already started planning your own vacation or exciting getaway. During this time of year, many will be dieting to ensure they are beach ready, making it difficult to have fun without derailing your progress. Here are some ways you can stay in shape during a vacation.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is one of the greatest sources of empty calories during a vacation. A single shot of alcohol can contain as much as 150 calories or more depending on added sugar content, while an average beer can contain 154 calories per bottle. Abstaining from alcohol can help limit excess calories consumed during a vacation.

Plan Replacement Meals in Advance

Failing to plan is planning to fail. To stick to your diet, you should always prepare replacement meals in advance during a vacation. Depending on the diet you are following, look for a replacement or copycat recipe in advance to ensure you still have the experience without breaking your diet.

Plan a Cheat Meal

If you abide by the premise that regular cheat days can help you stay on your diet, plan it for certain days only. The most important aspect of having a cheat day during a vacation is to not overdo it. Often, this is a trap that many fall into and then wonder why they aren’t losing weight.

Exercise Early

If you are planning to cheat during a vacation, make sure you exercise early. This can ensure that you create a calorie surplus and avoids the likelihood that you will skip your exercise routines after leaving. Don’t skip your exercises, this is an avoidable trap that can continue beyond a vacation.

Don’t Give into Peer Pressure

There will likely be at least one person that will want to try and get you to have a drink or eat something that isn’t on your diet. However, you are in control of your own body and diet and should act according to your personal beliefs. If you are dedicated enough to reaching your goals, peer pressure shouldn’t hinder that.

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