Should You Cycle a Pre-Workout?

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There comes an inevitable time when your pre-workout doesn’t pack the same punch it once did. This is especially true if you have resorted to using this magic formula every day before you hit the gym. Because pre-workout supplements are stimulant-heavy, your body has likely developed a tolerance to several ingredients included in the formula. While you could attempt to take a higher dose, this likely isn’t the safest route you can take. So should you cycle a pre-workout?

In most case, pre-workout formulas include a large amount of caffeine to provide a surge of energy while building motivation and improving your overall workout. With extended use, caffeine tolerance can quickly diminish, especially if you are drinking energy drinks, soda or coffee throughout the day. The more caffeine you are consuming, the quicker you will need more to achieve optimal energy levels when using your chosen pre-workout.

If you are currently exceeding your pre-workout dosage just to achieve the desired effect, it is likely a good idea for you to attempt to limit your consumption or cycle off for an extended period. In most cases, you should be able to reset your body to achieve the effectiveness you once had during this time period. However, this hinges on your ability to limit all stimulant intake during this time period.

Caffeine addiction, or caffeine dependency, affects more than one quarter of the population. If you are currently consuming caffeinated beverages each day, there is a chance that you already have developed a dependence on this ingredient. If you are unable to achieve adequate levels of sleep, get headaches without drinking coffee or soda, or become irritable when you don’t have caffeine, there is a chance that you already have developed a dependence.

If you have become dependent on pre-workouts to achieve your fitness goals, it is likely a good idea for you to cleanse your body and decrease your dependence on stimulants. Not only will this allow you to save money on your supplements but it will ensure you are focusing on your health by not consuming more than the recommended amounts. If needed, try to find a stimulant-free pre-workout formula in the meantime to ensure you are still obtaining your fitness goals.

Take the time to listen to your body and determine what it is telling you. If it feels like you are unable to perform your workouts with the use of a supplement or other performance enhancing drug, it may be time for you to push forward or look for alternative options. When you are ready to finish your off-cycle look for a formula that provides the results you expect without added stimulants.


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