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The Sport Supplement Reference Guide is perfect for anyone that consumes dietary supplements for sports related activity, weight lifting, bodybuilding, weight loss, or other fitness goals.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about performance-enhancing supplements – hype-free! William Llewellyn, author of the best selling Anabolics series, brings you the most comprehensive book ever written on sport supplements. The Sport Supplement Reference Guide takes a look at over 40 of today’s most popular sport supplement ingredients.

The author of one of the leading books on performance enhancement, the ANABOLICS Reference Guide, and a top researcher in the field of sports nutrition, has done it again! William Llewellyn is rocking the supplement industry with his latest book, the SPORT SUPPLEMENT REFERENCE GUIDE. Using his “no bull” approach, Llewellyn breaks down which performance-enhancing supplements are backed by real science and research, and which ones are pure hype. With the rising costs of supplements it is time to know which ones are effective and which ones have little value.

Whether you are looking to increase muscle size, strength, endurance, or overall athletic performance, William Llewellyn´s Sport Supplement Reference Guide is your key to maximizing results, minimizing costs, and avoiding disappointments. Authored by one of the most trusted researchers in the field, the Sport Supplement Reference Guide is an in-depth review of the most popular performance supplements available. With more than 500 medical citations, you´ll see for yourself what ingredients are backed by credible independent clinical studies, and which ones are based only on empty promises. You´ll also discover how and when each supplement can be used to its absolute maximum potential. The SSRG puts the world of performance science right at your fingertips, and takes the frustration and guesswork out of sports supplementation.

What’s in the Sports Supplement Reference Guide book?

Sport Supplement Reference Guide The Sport Supplement Reference Guide includes a comprehensive, in-depth review of the top selling supplement ingredients. There’s a clear, organized rating system as well as a summary of the effectiveness ratings for each ingredient. Whether you want to increase muscle size and strength, enhance sports performance, or improve aerobic endurance, this guide will provide you with practical information so you can identify which supplements are right for you. In addition, the Sport Supplement Reference Guide is filled with valuable information for anyone who feels lost in the frustrating maze of thousands of sports supplements, not knowing which way to turn. This is the first, most detailed, comprehensive, extensively researched and up-to-date guide ever written on the subject.

What can I expect from the Sport Supplement Reference Guide?

      • An overview of the sport supplement industry
      • Protein primer and how to choose the right type of protein for your needs
      • Types of Carbohydrate Supplementation
      • Vitamin and Mineral overview

Supplement Ingredient Profiles of over 40 different ingredients. Each profile has its own rating based on clinical studies and empirical evidence.

Rules for Effective Supplement Shopping and Consumer Empowerment. This section will help you stop wasting money on worthless supplements.

Goal orientated sample supplement cycles takes the guess work out what supplements needed for your goal.

Why is the Sport Supplement Reference Guide Important?

Isn’t it time to get the facts so you can make informed decisions on the right supplements to take? Llewellyn describes the questionable marketing tactics used by many aggressive supplement companies and how to avoid getting duped, or even more serious, potentially develop health-related problems. You will also learn how and when each supplement can be used to its absolute maximum potential, the most effective dosages, as well as critical health information backed by key clinical studies. As a valuable bonus, the Sport Supplement Reference Guide offers easy-to-follow multi-product supplementation programs that can kick anyone’s gains into high gear. You can have the world of performance science right at your fingertips, and the guesswork and frustration associated with too many choices removed. This groundbreaking and controversial book is a must-read before purchasing any performance-enhancing supplements. Why continue to throw money down the drain, when you can have the hard facts right now?

Who is William Llewellyn?

William Llewellyn has over sixteen years as a research scientist, writer, and lecturer in the field of human performance enhancement. He has authored nine books, and written countless articles for many leading magazines, including Muscular Development, where he has been a longtime contributor and monthly columnist. Llewellyn has also been featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine, The Washington Post, on Fox, Discovery Times and ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” He maintains an active schedule of research and lecturing around the world on the subject of sports supplementation.

Warning – This book contains alot of great information!


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