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BCAAs are the essential element of reaching your fitness goals. To have a power working within you for your dream body, you need Soul during your workout. BCAAs give you energy, improve muscle growth and provide protection from tissue damage before and after it happens. They are the principal for the perfect physique. To give you the best intra-workout drink, we added Citrulline Malate, Taurine and L-Glutamine. This combination will help you fight fatigue and muscle weakness, reduce muscle soreness, enhance your performance during your workout and metabolize body fat quicker for energy during your workout, making your workout work a little harder for you!

Soul BCAA Ingredient Breakdown:

L-Leucine – Among all the other ingredients in Soul, leucine is the most effective amino acid in terms of building muscles. Research shows that leucine is responsible for the stimulation of protein synthesis in the muscles.

Research has also shown that consumption of BCAAs with leucine in it before or during a workout can help to reduce the rate of protein degradation and improve physical performance.

L-Isoleucine – The next component is isoleucine. Isoleucine helps to promote glucose consumption and mediates glucose intake into the cell. Studies have shown that isoleucine can help to improve glucose metabolism. This means isoleucine provides energy for your muscles while you workout instead of your body accessing storage reserves which in turn will lead to reduced muscle mass.

L-Valine – Valine helps to stimulate the central and peripheral nervous system which affects muscle function and exercise performance. It also helps our body’s energy provisioning processes which means it plays a big role in building muscle mass and physical strength.

Citrulline Malate – Besides leucine, isoleucine, and valine, Soul has included other key ingredients as well to enhance training performance and reduce fatigue. One of those ingredients is citrulline malate.

Citrulline malate is another form of amino acid and would stimulate nitric oxide production to ease the blood flow into our muscles. Research shows that intake of citrulline can help to improve training performance (with higher reps and sets count) and reduce muscle soreness. The research also concluded that due to citrulline’s benefits, athletes undergoing preparation for competitive events might benefit from the intake of citrulline.

Taurine – Taurine is a type of amino acids found throughout the body. Taurine can be found in foods such as meat, fish, and poultry. Research shows that ingestion of taurine can help to increase fat oxidation rate, causing increased fat burning during exercise. This leads to improved performance and endurance during workouts.

In terms of health, studies have shown that Taurine calms the nervous system which reduces stress, improves energy and promotes focus. It is also an antioxidant which fights free radicals and keeps cells alive because of it’s ability to create homeostasis in the body.

L-Glutamine – The sixth and final key ingredient contained in Soul is glutamine. Like Taurine, glutamine is also an antioxidant that will abolish free radicals and prevent cell damage. Studies have shown that glutamine intake can increase protein synthesis and when taken together with leucine, will produce a synergistic benefit of increased leucine metabolism. Glutamine provides energy during your workout and prevents muscle catabolism post workout. Other benefits of glutamine include an increase in growth hormone, which will help to enhance performance in the gym.


You now know the 6 key ingredients that Soul is made of and the benefits of having those ingredients. Consume Soul during your workout to help improve training performance, prevent muscle fatigue and reduce soreness the following day. If your muscles are sore for a long period and take days to recover, you will not be able to train as often, which will lead to slower progression in your reaching your goal physique.

Whats the recommended dosage for Soul?

Take one (1) scoop with 8-12oz of water during your workout. As a post-workout recovery, take an additional scoop within one hour of completing workout. For best results, use in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


For use by healthy women over 18 years of age only. Consult a physician before using this product. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, have any medical conditions or taking any other medications. Keep out of the reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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