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Regener8 Pre/Intra/Post complete carbohydrate recovery complex

Introducing our newest cutting-edge carbohydrate product, created to revolutionize sports performance supplementation, Innov8 Nutraceuticals is proud to present REGENER8. As a lifestyle brand, we know the importance of recovery and what it takes to perform at your best. What better way to refuel your body than with the fastest replenishment and critical boosting insulin carbohydrate fuel on the market, formulated specifically for the athlete in mind. What truly makes REGENER8 unique are the KEY INGREDIENTS listed below that optimize performance, sustainable energy, complete focus, muscle building, and overall enhanced recovery time.

REGENER8 mixes easily (no clumps) and can be safely combined with any of our other INNOV8 NUTRACEUTICALS sport supplement products! If you are looking for the fastest refueling and rapid recovery carbohydrate product with proven results, then REGENER8 is right for you.

Thank-you for making INNOV8 NUTRACEUTICALS your preferred trusted brand for sports supplement performance.

CARB10 Ingredient Profile

Formulated by Compound Solutions, CARB10 is a unique carbohydrate derived from peas. As a legume-based starch, this carbohydrate has been created as a source of clean, sustainable energy fuel fitted for the physical and mental demands for all athletes, professionals, and those who are looking to live an active lifestyle.

CARB10 has insulin-boosting capabilities that create a steady insulin and blood sugar response without causing a spike in insulin. Compared to the effects of maltodextrin, CARB10 provides an 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood-sugar response.

CARB10 has an osmolality of 30 mOsm. Having this low osmolality and a higher molecular weight enables CARB10 to pass through the stomach rapidly and absorbed by the body, delivering an immediate fuel of energy to the blood and muscle known as glycogen.

CARB10 eliminates any bloating or digestive discomfort that is commonly caused by other carbohydrate formulas. Because CARB10 has been proven to empty from the stomach faster and rapidly absorb into the body, there is no uncomfortable bloating or cramping. Athletes do not get that “heavy stomach” feeling before, during, or after training.

CARB10 is a prebiotic, non-allergenic, non-GMO, and gluten free.

HYDROMAX Ingredient Profile

Formulated by Glanbia Nutritionals, HYDROMAX is the first of its kind, a highly stable form of powdered glycerol that delivers next-level hydration through the unique blend of glycerol and silica.

HYDROMAX contains 65% free molecular glycerol and is specially formulated to increase the concentration of fluid in the blood and tissues, which positively affects osmolarity and the expansion and maintenance of fluid volume. Athletes will benefit through adaptation to environmental heat/humidity stress during events that require endurance or stamina by delaying the needs for hydration. This suggests improved efficiency in exercise, thermoregulation, and decreased physiological stress. Benefits also include promoting blood flow associated with resistance training.

AMEALBP Ingredient Profile

AMEALBP is a clinically proven supplement (lactotripeptide) that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, naturally. Lactotripeptides help support healthy cardiovascular function and also help to maintain healthy blood vessel tone. This allows blood to flow easier through blood vessels.

CAPROS Ingredient Profile

Formulated by Natreon, CAPROS is an all-natural, non-GMO and organic (vegetarian from edible fruits), super antioxidant supplement that provides cardiovascular system support. Backed by numerous human clinical studies, CAPROS has received a “No Objection” GRAS letter from the FDA.

CAPROS is very stable in powder form up to 5 years, and in solution for at least one year. CAPROS is also kosher and halal certified.

Supports healthy endothelial function

Supports healthy cholesterol

Supports healthy platelet aggregation

Supports healthy blood glucose levels

The overall benefits of taking amino acids include:

REGENER8 also contains an Instant 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio and amino acid profile which helps to reduce the breakdown of active muscle tissue, vital for athletic performance and recovery.

Assist in Improving Muscle Growth

Increased Endurance

Fat Burning Effect

Reduced Fatigue

Enhanced Mental Focus

Muscle Sparing

Improved Recovery

Improved Sports Performance

Reduced Muscular Soreness

Whats the recommended dosage for Regener8?

1-2 scoops in 12-20 ounces of water during training or immediately post training. For enhanced results, add 1 scoop of Innov8 Hydr8 aminos.


Individual nutritional requirements vary depending on gender, body weight and level of intensity of exercise/training. The product combined with healthy lifestyle, proper hydration and sensible eating may aid in weight management and muscle recovery. Do not use this product as your sole source of nutrition. If you have a previous or current serious medical condition consult your healthcare professional before starting this, or any other dietary supplement. Discuss any possible drug interactions of this or any dietary supplement with any current medications you are taking or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. This product was designed for healthy adults ages 18 and over. Unless otherwise permitted by parental guidance and/or direction from a healthcare professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.


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