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In ancient Greece, Heracles (or as the Roman’s knew him Hercules) is best known as the strongest of all mortals. Stronger than many gods. So strong he was the deciding factor in allowing the Olympians to win their battle with the giants. He was the last mortal son of Zeus. As our saga unfolds, you will see it is with Herculean strength that Biotivia will help you build muscle.

Heracles increases muscle anabolism through an extremely effective yet safe and legal mechanism of action. Now to meet the players!

Meet The Enemy…and The Hero

The Enemy

Myostatin is produced primarily in skeletal muscle cells, circulates in the bloodstream and exerts its effects on muscle tissue. It inhibits muscle differentiation and development in a process known as Myogenesis. This protein normally restrains muscle growth, ensuring that muscles do not grow too large. Mutations that reduce the production of functional myostatin lead to an overgrowth of muscle tissue. A mutated human myostatin gene results in individuals having significantly more muscle bulk. Heracles encourages a moderate gene expression modulation, not a total gene change. Heracles will not make you look like the pictures that flood the net (you know, those comics-like, unreal, hypermuscled, photoshop advanced humans). However, this should give you an idea of the importance of Myostatin in muscle growth and fat loss.

So how do you keep that bad, bad Myostatin in check? Let us share with you. You may remember the great excitement, a decade or so ago, caused by an alleged Myostatin inhibitor found in algae (Cystoseira canariensis). You likely also remember countless furious users due to the ineffectiveness of the product. No surprise. After ingestion, the algae based Myostain inhibitor degrades and nothing reaches systemic circulation…hence, zero effect.

Now the amazing news! There IS a naturally occurring Myostatin inhibitor, one with very good oral bioavailability. A completely safe and healthy compound, something that most of us have already (unknowingly) ingested in tiny amounts. A compound, finally, proven to significantly inhibit Myostation and improve the Myostatin/Follistation ratio when administered orally!

The Hero

This marvelous ingredient is EPICATECHIN. NOT to be confused with other Cocoa flavanols, ours is a specialized extract containing 90% Epicatechin. No current product on the market can even remotely come close to this.

Its effects are so striking that now Epicatechin is getting evaluated for the treatment of progressive muscle loss and impaired skeletal muscle function in Muscular Dystrophy patients. The subjects of a very recent study were given a total of 1 mg of epicatechin per kg bodyweight per day (please note our product is meant for bodybuilders…hence VERY a generous dosage). The researchers then looked at the effects that the supplement had on the subjects’ hand grip strength and at the concentrations of myostatin and follistatin in their blood.

Treatment lasted 7 days with (-)-epicatechin yielded a bilateral increase in hand strength of 7%, which was accompanied by a significant increase (49.2%) in the ratio of plasma follistatin/myostatin levels. A 49.2% increase in the Myostatin/Follistatin ratio is astonishing. It is even more so astonishing when you think this happened in a mere week! Epicatechin also stimulates LH and Testosterone synthesis and promotes a substantial increase in endothelial Nitric Oxide. Now, as if this wasn’t groundbreaking enough, Biotivia went one step further.

Heracles features hesperidin Methyl Chalcone. Hesperidin is a bioflavinoid naturally found in small concentrations in the peel and pulp of citrus fruit. While hesperidin itself is very poorly water-soluble, hesperidin methyl chalcone is highly water-soluble, allowing for greater absorption of the molecule in the gastrointestinal tract. Getting enough hesperidin through food to exert the effects we’re going to elucidate, would be basically impossible. For example, 100 grams of grapefruit flesh contains about 3 mg hesperidin, and it’s not even the methyl chalcone (more bioavailable) form.

This dynamic duo will safely and naturally help you increase muscle bulk.

So what does Hesperedin do?

Hesperedin promotes osteoblast differentiation in human mesenchymal stem cells, indicating an anabolic effect of hesperedin on bone metabolism. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells undergo myogenic differentiation as well as osteogenic differentiation. The researchers have explored whether hesperedin modulates muscle cell differentiation.

Hesperedin promoted myogenic differentiation, in a dose-dependent manner, by increasing myogenin gene expression. MyoD-induced myogenin gene transcription was enhanced by hesperedin, as this bioflavonoid augmented the nuclear localization and myogenin promoter-binding of MyoD. In addition, hesperidin accelerated muscle regeneration induced by muscle injury. These results were confirmed both in vitro and in vivo. Myogenin expression was considerably augmented in the presence of hesperidin during differentiation. Myogenin expression was prominent in the nucleus, indicating that hesperedin promotes myogenic gene expression and terminal differentiation. Skeletal muscle development involves an initial period of myoblast replication, followed by a phase in which some myoblasts continue to proliferate while others undergo terminal differentiation.

The latter process involves activation of muscle-specific gene expression, and the fusion of single cells into multinucleated muscle fibers. These results strongly demonstrate that hesperedin has a potent pro- myogenic activity via regulation of MyoD activity in the myogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. During myoblast differentiation or regeneration, MyoD is essential for skeletal muscle repair.

If there’s a perfect supporting character for Epicatechin (which stimulates muscle growth), that’s Esperidin Methyl Chalcone (muscle repair).

Whats the recommended dosage?

Take one capsule three times a day before a meal, with a glass of water.

Research and References:

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Use only if bottle is sealed. If pregnant, consult your health-care practitioner before using this product. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.

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