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INTRODUCING MPA CORTISOLVE: Attention All Serious Fitness Athletes That Have Felt Overtrained, Overdieted, and have Exhausted Excessive Cardio Training In Your Plight to Be Stage Ready!

What is MPA CortiSolve? MPA CortiSolve is a naturally occurring phospholipid, designed to minimize the cortisol increase after exercise while optimizing the testosteronetocortisol ratio post exercise. MPA CortiSolve is known as a “cortisol optimizer” because it can optimize the beneficial hormones such as testosterone , while preventing the unwanted spike in cortisol associated with exercise, so you can begin making progress towards building a harder, more muscular physique.

MPA CortiSolve comes in a delicious chocolate cocoa flavor that’s sweetened naturally with stevia & lo han. Due to the texture and natural flavoring of the raw ingredients the designated flavor coincides perfectly with the key ingredient (PS). MPA CortiSolve can be directly spooned into your mouth (my personal preference), or mixed into your favorite beverage or yogurt. Each scoop includes the heftiest dose of PS you’ll find on the market 800 mg. In studies, 750-800 mgs has been shown to mitigate excessive cortisol post strenuous exercise, improve exercise capacity, and decrease muscle soreness. Through anecdotal experience, and trials done on my own athletes I have found the potent dose of 600800 mg taken pretraining is ideal for hard training athletes in their plight to optimize their cortisol response.

How does CortiSolve work?

MPA CortiSolve works by supplying the body with vital phospholipids and neurotransmitters, thus reducing the requirement for cortisol following strenuous physical or mental activity and supporting a higher testosteronetocortisol ratio (11,21,37)

Optimal cortisol output and testosterone levels help promote faster recovery, increased muscle growth and enhanced fat loss. (36)

How does MPA CortiSolve Support Testosterone production?

FEMALES Listen up!​DO ​NOT​BE AFRAID of the “T word” mentioned in this writeup! CortiSolve is a formula for both men & women. For men, ​you have testicles,​this naturally occurring phospholipid will help sensitize the testicles response to luteinizing hormone, which is great for men. For women,​you don’t have testicles, ​it won’t have any effect on you whatsoever besides lowering cortisol and making your tummy look amazing.

The active ingredient phosphatidylserine (PS) prevents the exercise induced cortisol spike, and is a vital nutrient that supports testicular function and testosterone production. (11,37) Each serving of MPA CortiSolve includes slightly above the clinically proven dose of 750 mg of PS and gives you a bolus 800 mg per serving!

A recent study examined the effects of 10 days of 600mg/day PS supplementation on testosterone and cortisol during and after exercise. (37) The researchers found that PS supplementation increased testosterone 78% over the placebo group, while completely blunting the cortisol response to exercise. When analyzed for the testosterone to cortisol (T:C) ratio and compared to placebo, the PS group had a 3,354% higher T:C!

In another human study, hormone levels were examined during two weeks of intense weight training. The group receiving the 800 mg of PS had higher testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels, compared to the group receiving the placebo. (11) Another study showed that 800 mg of PS reduced cortisol levels 30% (compared to the placebo group) after intense cycling exercise. (21)

It’s been hypothesized that PS supplementation minimizes cortisol secretion by providing the necessary phospholipids required for cellular membrane structure and regulatory functions, thus reducing the requirement for bodily breakdown and nutrient displacement. (17,25,36,38)

Research also suggests that PS supports testosterone production by increasing the testes sensitivity to luteinizing hormone (LH) and increases testicular steroidogenesis a.k.a. the creation of testosterone. (111, 1926)

In other words, MPA CortiSolve creates a more conducive environment for testosterone synthesis in the testes by mitigating the damaging effects from cortisol supplying the testes with the necessary phospholipids for testicular function.

What can I expect from using CortiSolve?

Highest dosed PS supplement available per serving

Lowers cortisol into healthy ranges without blocking the corticosteroid receptor

May reduce muscle soreness after resistance training

May protect cell membranes encourages optimal cellsignaling

May support brain health & memory function

May increase insulin sensitivity by lowering excess cortisol levels blunting gluconeogenesis & preserving muscle glycogen

Perfect product to incorporate for Post Cycle Therapy (pct) after coming off a hormone cycle to mitigate a rise in cortisol and optimize testosterone output.

Why should I use CortiSolve?

Before I get to the fine details of what this product is all about, I would like to share some cool empirical data I personally collected and observed using this amazing ingredient in a “megadosed” protocol.

If you have been around the Fitness industry for any length of time, then you are well familiar with competitors and athletes that fall into the trap of over-training and over-reaching. This phenomenon is prevalent in individuals who are on extreme calorie restricted diets compounded with excessive resistance training plus endless aerobic sessions.

When people fall into this “perpetual trap” they inevitably will have a high cortisol and ACTH (adrenocorticotropin hormone) output, thus, putting the brakes on fatloss, muscle gain, and struggle to prevent lean body mass from being catabolized.

I am sure many of you reading this might be familiar with the term ‘metabolic damage’ that has been a hot topic of discussion as of late. This term is commonly used in reference towards female Bikini competitors who have endured months of fish and water and hours of cardio sessions . These ladies are surely malnourished and overtrained to max capacity, so you can only imagine how skewed their hormonal profile might be.

I used to work for an incredible supplement company called Primordial Performance years ago as the Marketing Director, and was also in charge of product testing with athletes, betatesting new products, and keeping tabs on customer feedback. We had a product that had the same ingredient that MPA CortiSolve has in it PhosphatidylSerine (PS). I got an email one day at work from a local Figure athlete raving about the product and what it had done for her and several of her female teammates. After she and several others had plateaued in their fatloss goals, they implemented 800 mg per day of the PS supplement. After 10-14 days they all universally saw a reduction in waist girth , and had caliper measurements to prove it! It was clear to me that they must have all been overly trained and their adrenals were extremely exhausted. This would allow the clinical dose of PS to work its magic and rectify their elevated cortisol levels into a healthy (optimal) range. The one athlete said once she ran out of the product her waist caliper measurements crept back up until she got back on it.

I hate to say that this product could ‘mask’ or bandaid a less than optimal diet, but it surely could override some extremely low calorie nutrition plans and make magic happen.

I also have had my athletes incorporate PS in an aggressively dosed protocol and have seen body weight drops in 4-7 days while tightening up. The thing is phosphatidylSerine is nothing new per se, but people have been getting short changed on its results due to very low dose protocols , which are namely due to low dosed products! Most PS products are dosed in 100 mg capsules, so taking 8 capsules per day to equate to MPA CortiSolve (800 mg) would be highly improbable. Another key factor to take note on is this

MPA CortiSolve uses the highest quality phosphatidylSerine that is registered and trademarked by ChemiNutra. I would only use the very best for what I recommend putting into my own body, and athletes alike.

What is the recommended dosage for CortiSolve?

Take one level scoop daily prior to resistance training. Mix powder with your preferred beverage, such as water or protein shake. Take with or without food. Store in a cool dry place away from light.

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Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Contains soy.


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