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Arimigen is a formula that is designed to optimize and support an anabolic environment by decreasing estrogen and increasing testosterone levels. This formulation aggressively combats heightened estrogen levels often associated with heavy steroid, prohormone, and prosteroid cycles.

Ultimately, Arimigen allows the user to get the anabolic benefits of heightened testosterone levels without the negative side-effects of estrogen (a by-product of heightened testosterone), water retention and body-fat accumulation that usually accompany heightened levels of testosterone in the body. Arimigen is comprised of specific compounds working synergistically at blocking testosterone from converting into estrogens.

Arimigen also works by metabolizing active estrogens into inactive estrogen metabolites, blocking estrogen, and by freeing excess estrogen from the body. What’s more, Arimigen can down regulate SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) and therefore known to support increased FREE testosterone levels from within the body.

What results can I expect from Arimigen?

Arimigen is APS Nutritions novel Aromatase Inhibitor is a new ground breaking formula designed to optimize an anabolic environment by decreasing estrogen and increasing testosterone levels. Arimigen is a multi-pathway formulation that minimizes or eliminates the undesirable effects associated with an estrogen dominant environment. Arimigen maintains the correct testosterone to estrogen ratios that yield the benefits associated with normal estrogen levels. Arimigen acts as an anti-aromatase agent and is thus a powerful elevator of total testosterone and maximum liberator of free testosterone. This one-of-a- kind formulation is exclusively manufactured by APS and aggressively combats heightened estrogen levels that can come with elevated testosterone.

Arimigen allows the user to get the anabolic benefits of increased testosterone levels without the negative side-effects of estrogen (the downside of elevated testosterone), water retention and unattractive body-weight accumulation that usually accompany elevated levels of testosterone in the body. Arimigen is appropriately used when using substantial amounts of aromatizing hormones or prohormones. Arimigen also works by metabolizing active estrogens into inactive estrogen metabolites, blocking estrogen at the actual estrogen receptor site in male breast tissue, and by freeing excess estrogen from the body. Arimigen also will help to down regulate SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) and therefore known to support increased FREE testosterone levels.

The Arimigen proprietary formula was developed by combining naturally occurring aromatase inhibitors and inhibitors of the action of SHBG. The dietary supplement Arimigen is a multi-pathway agent that exerts its influence by blocking various stages in the aromatase process and by inhibiting SHBG’s action; an activity not clearly addressed by any of the aromatase inhibiting or anti-estrogen products. Further, it appears that use of Arimigen may result in long-term blocking of selective anabolic estrogen receptors and/or inhibition of selective estrogen signaling. This activity has not been addressed by any known dietary supplements or pharmacological agents.

Arimigen acts as an Elevator of total testosterone and liberator of free testosterone. As a powerful aromatase inhibitor, Arimigen also possesses notable testosterone stimulating properties. The aromatase inhibiting action reduces the signal that estrogen sends to the brain to suppress endogenous testosterone production (estrogen is a main feedback signal to control the release of testosterone, thus increasing the testicular output of testosterone). Arimigen thus assists in resetting the body’s level of its own natural testosterone production by regulating the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA), which constantly adjusts the body’s production of testosterone to maintain target blood levels. Continued use of Arimigen results in not only a significant reduction in the production of estrogen, but also a corresponding substantial increase in endogenous testosterone. Only Arimigen addresses all possible channels to estrogen maintenance and free testosterone elevation, which means optimal hormonal levels for muscle building and dry, hard physique.

Arimigen science and ingredient breakdown

Arimigen is based primarily on the testosterone, LH, FSH, libido and lean mass extreme stimulatory compound referred to as Akarkara™ in Anacyclus pyrethrum, the information has been widely recognized in the Ayurvedic system of Indian medicine for over 2 centuries. Not a discovery for us, more of an advanced understanding was accomplished with patience on our part. Our testing, research and patience paid off by allowing us to release of Arimigen with a multi-independent study validated extract that outperformed the other common extract on the market by over 71% for mass gain! Arimigen also contains a “supporting cast” of ingredients that have individually been shown to support inhibition of excessive estrogen formation that make Arimigen truly revolutionary.

The first of these ingredients is an extract derived from the leaves of Brassaiopsis glomerulata (standardized to 6-hydroxystimasta-4- en-3-one and N-benzoyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester). APS’s unique extraction process of this plant results an extract that produce 13 isolated estrogen-modulating compounds.

As mentioned above, the attractive effect of Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract is due to its aromatase inhibition property. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the last steps of biosynthesis of estrogens (estrone and estradiol) from androgens (androstenedione and testosterone). Inhibition of aromatase has been shown to reduce estrogen production throughout the body to nearly undetectable levels.

Bodybuilders that take anabolic ingredients often use aromatase inhibitors in order to minimize or avoid estrogenic effects. Aromatase inhibitors can prevent elevated levels of testosterone from being converted to excess estrogen and have also been shown to reverse age-related decline in testosterone.

Arimigen also contains a 98% highly purified version of Chrysin (5,7-dihydroxyflavone) which is the name of a monoflavone extracted from a plant called “Passiflora caerulea”. Flavones, a group of compounds found in many different plants, are known to have numerous therapeutic effects. Of all the unique biological activities, Chrysin has generated the most interest as an aromatase inhibitor, which has also been shown to control estrogen through modulation of estrogen metabolism. In the May 96 issue of Muscle Media 2000, the late Dan Duchaine, known as the steroid guru, discussed a substance that he dubbed Flavone-X. Duchaine claimed that Flavone-X, which was a natural flavone existing in plants, could boost testosterone an average of 20 to 30 percent. It turned out that Flavone-X was actually an esoteric substance called chrysin. A study had been published that compared the activity of a number of natural flavonoids and flavones to the drug Cydadren in their ability to inhibit the enzyme aromatase, which works by converting androgens, including testosterone, into estrogen. Blocking the effect of aromatase would not only lower estrogen levels but also boost testosterone. Elevated estrogen in the blood sends an inhibitory message to the pituitary gland in the brain, which responds by lowering the output of gonadatropins, hormones that stimulate the bodys testosterone production.

As most of you know this was one of Duchain’s only “misses” when it came to finding innovative compounds….but was it? In Human tissue experiments with this monoflavone demonstrated the ability to limit aromatase activity. Aromatase is an enzyme that is found in various tissues within the body and is responsible for the conversion of androstenedione and testosterone into estrogen. This conversion is utilized by the body to keep Testosterone: Estrogen ratios in balance. When athletes are in quest of increasing lean body mass, maximizing serum testosterone levels is of paramount concern. In the study that compared natural flavonoids to Cytadren, chrysin came out on top, actually showing effects against aromatase that were superior to the potent drug. The problem was, it was an in vitro, or isolated-cell, study. The question then became, How well does chrysin work in the body? Humans had unknowingly been consuming chrysin, since it€™s found naturally in honey, propolis and in the passion flower plant, but initial animal-based and later human studies proved to be disappointing.

Its clear that chrysin seemed to work better in a test tube than it does in the human body. The reason for that was due to the difficulty in absorbing chrysin into the body. That was when the supplement industry gave up on Chrysin but not APS researchers who were big fans of Duchaine’sand saw him develop a novel delivery system with DMSO for Finaplex pellets, which was definitely ahead of his time in delivery systems.


Whether a man’s sex hormones are out of whack because of father time, or because of a self-inflicted blast of anabolic steroids, maintaining elevated levels of testosterone, while minimizing the production of estradiol and DHT, is one of the most important steps men can take to remain healthy, improve performance, and keep hard-earned muscle intact. Arimigen will help to restore healthy testosterone to estradiol ratios, or can be used by a bodybuilder looking for an estrogen-squashing, testosterone-unleashing, muscle-building supplement for the anabolic support required to achieve a hard, lean physique!

Chrysin is a well studied nutraceutical and its benefits greatly depend on its solubilization (bioaccessibility) and subsequent absorption through cell lining so that it can reach lymphatic systemic/general circulation. Unfortunately, Chrysin has low water solubility and undergoes rapid metabolism on oral delivery. Lipids have shown to affect the absorption of poorly soluble nutraceuticals such as Chrysin by enhancing solubilization in the intestinal milieu through alterations to the composition and character of the colloidal environment e.g. vesicles, mixed micelles and micelles when delivered orally. The presence of lipids in the GI tract stimulates the contraction of gall bladder. This leads to the release of biliary and pancreatic secretions such as phospholipids (PL), cholesterol (Ch), pancreatic lipase and other enzymes. PL and Ch form intestinal mixed micelles which increase the solubilization of lipophilic bioactives. In addition, the digestion of lipids leads to the formation of free fatty acids and monoglycerides, these along with biliary compoundsand emulsifiers or co-solvents used in formulation, aid in the formation of mixed micelles, micelles, liposomes and vesicles which further prevent the precipitation of lipophilic bioactives and increase their solubilization. The solubilized bioactives are easily absorbed through the intestinal cell wall. Thus this mechanism directly affects the bioavailability of lipophilic bioactives by increasing its bioaccessibility.

APS Researchers studied three types of lipid based delivery systems were evaluated for increasing bioaccessibility of Chrysin. With over 10 types of delivery methods studies we found four types of lipid based delivery systems, namely nanoemulsions, gel-like emulsions, Cocrystallization and organogels that proved effective in increasing the bioaccessibility of Chrysin when compared to the dispersion of the compound in water. APS Researchers concluded that less than 1% of the Chrysin was absorbed unchanged in the gastrointestinal tract. This was not surprising given that Chrysin has extremely low water solubility, a major factor in drug absorption. Not only was Chrysin absorbed poorly but also it was conjugated extensively in the liver following oral administration. Our proprietary two stage delivery system was shown to increase the solubility 14-fold. We hypothesized that this improved solubility would translate into enhanced systemic absorption of Chrysin. This hypothesis was supported in our pharmacokinetic study. The outperformed Chrysin with increases in bioavailability up to nearly 10-fold!

In addition to these ingredients and cutting-edge science, an extremely high quality Urtica Dioica extract is also included in Arimigen because it has been shown to support two complementary paythways involved estrogen modulation and free testosterone enhancement most notably for its known contribution to enhancing free testosterone levels via inhibition of the action of SHBG.

Whats the recommended dosage for Arimigen?

Take two (2) tablets one or two times daily on an empty stomach. Take 8-12 hours apart. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor or physician before taking this supplement.


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