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ANABOLIC AMINO™ LEUCINE in an anabolic precursor trigger to Muscle Protein Synthesis, which is the metabolic process that enables the body to develop new muscle protein lean body mass when taken in conjunction with training.

ANABOLIC AMINO™ LEUCINE supports enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis via The mTor Pathway – For Enhanced Muscle Building, as well as supporting enhanced performance.

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Leucine enhances the effects of protein. Protein is the only macronutrient that can build lean body mass, hence enhancing its effects can enhance results from training. Leucine is one of the many amino acids which is found in the high quality proteins that we eat. It is an essential amino acid (EAA), which means that the body cannot product it on its own. It is also one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), which are considered by many to be the most important amino acids for building lean muscle. Even of the three BCAAs, Leucine is considered the most anabolic of the amino acids. New research has indicated that pure Leucine such as that found in this product, may in fact be even more anabolic than the Leucine found in protein foods.

L-Leucine Amino Acid
Lecithin is added to naturally instantize the product)

SUGGESTED USE: Stir or blend one scoop into your protein shake, juice, or the beverage of your choice. This product will essentially take on the flavor of virtually whatever it is mixed with. Use one scoop upon awakening, after training, or between meals.


  1. Why do a lot of the guys at my gym say that Leucine is “anabolic”?
  2. Leucine promotes anabolic activity because it triggers Muscle Protein Synthesis, a critical key factor for enhanced lean body mass. Leucine also uniquely enhances mTOR, which supports enhanced lean body mass.
  3. Is Leucine good for dieting or a “cuts cycle”?
  4. Leucine is efficacious on both “gain cycles” and “cut cycles” because when dieting or on a “cuts cycle,” muscle can inadvertently be lost. Leucine protects and supports lean body mass (muscle), especially when dieting. In addition, Leucine supports fat metabolism.
  5. Does Leucine support my training?
  6. Nutrition/Supplementation is 50% of the equation for transforming your body
    Progressive Training is 25% of the equation for transforming your body
    Recovery is 25% of the equation for transforming your body
    Leucine supports Nutrition and Recovery, hence enhanced results via utilizing protein in your diet more effectively, and enhanced recovery supports enhanced results from training.
  7. Is Leucine an Essential Amino Acid (EAA)?
  8. There are nine EAAs, those being:
    ValineLeucine is considered the most important EAA. This is because of Leucine’s many benefits, and Leucine is also a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA). EAAs are considered “essential” because they cannot be produced by our body, and must be obtained through Nutrition/Supplementation.
  9. I take a Whey Protein supplement daily which contains naturally occurring Leucine. Can taking additional Leucine be beneficial?
    A. Research has shown that taking Leucine with Whey Protein enhanced muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by 300%. MPS promotes lean body mass.
  10. Can you explain the science of how Leucine works …
    A. Leucine is the anabolic trader and key activator of the mTOR pathway that is critical for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) that promotes lean body mass.
  11. There are so many brands of Leucine. Why should I select HEALTHY ‘N FIT Leucine?
    A. HEALTHY ‘N FIT – Advisors to World-Class Prep Coaches, Bodybuilders, Athletes and Celebrities, and America’s #1 Brand in Supplements Technology and Purity, developing and implementing more successful technology than any brand, in an unprecedented dozen plus product categories under the HEALTHY ‘N FIT brand and for other leading brands. HEALTHY ‘N FIT Supplements Incorporate Clinically Dosed and Tested Key Ingredients, utilizing Meta-Analytical Sciences andTruly Puretechnology – exclusive to HEALTHY ‘N FIT. HEALTHY ‘N FIT has an unparalleled 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate with a Zero-Risk 100% Pleased Money Back Guarantee. HEALTHY ‘N FIT ANABOLIC AMINO LEUCINE is 100 percent pure, with zero fillers and no artificial ingredients.

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