Advanced OKG 5000 (90 Caplets)


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When we train hard our muscle tissue breaks down. The goal is that our muscles will recover and enter into the anabolic state, therefore getting bigger and stronger each time we train. One of the most over- looked but most important phases of productive training is recovery. Without maximum recovery, we cannot fully get out of the catabolic state, and the desired anabolic state cannot come to fruition. Without proper recovery, all of our training efforts will yield little or no results. Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 is a scientifically documented extreme recovery and growth formula that provides Advanced Maximum Nutritional Support for Maximum Recovery and Growth, and is anti- catabolic and anabolic – the perfect combination and environment for INCREASED MUSCLE MASS and STRENGTH. OKG is so effective that it has been evaluated for use in hospital trauma centers for recovery. Remember, if you don’t fully recover, the other supplements you take cannot do their proper job.

In addition, Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 nutritionally supports healthy GH levels and is also involved in the energy generating process. It is involved in the ammonia detoxifying process (ammonia causes muscle fatigue); and also increases protein synthesis and is a precursor to IGF-1.

Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 contains higher scientifically studied dosages than other brands; a mega dosage of a full 5000 mg of L- Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate per serving plus a very comprehensive and synergistic Advanced Nutrient Matrix. Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 is scientifically documented, laboratory tested and assayed, and GUARANTEED to be the most effective formulation and provide MAXIMUM RESULTS. Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 is formulated with The Sciences of AAT Advanced Anabolic Technology TM; inquire about our other AAT formulations. Due to our large volume, Advanced Matrix OKG 5000 is available at a very affordable price.

No sugar, starch, salt, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, yeast, gluten, or lactose are added.

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